Maundy Thursday Celebrated with Fervor at St. Peter Church, Barkur

News n Pics: Rishon Barnes

The Maundy Thursday service at St. Peter Church, Barkur, was a solemn and reflective occasion. The ceremony was led by Rev. Fr. Ronald Miranda, the parish priest, and Rev. Fr. Rolvin Fernandes.

Fr. Rolvin Fernandes delivered a thought-provoking homily on the significance of the day, emphasizing the importance of love, humility, and service. He said  "Maundy Thursday is a day to remember the great love that Jesus Christ has for us. He showed us the ultimate act of love by giving his life for our sins. We should respond to his love by loving one another and serving others." He urged the congregation to reflect on the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ and to emulate his example in their own lives.

The highlight of the service was the reenactment of the Last Supper, where Fr. Ronald Miranda washed the feet of 12 men, symbolizing Jesus' act of humility and service.

The congregation was deeply moved by the ceremony and participated actively in the prayers and hymns. The service concluded with a benediction by Fr. Ronald Miranda.  He said "The washing of the feet is a powerful symbol of Jesus' humility and service. He calls us to follow his example by being humble and serving others."

The Maundy Thursday service at St. Peter Church, Barkur, was a powerful reminder of the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It was a time for reflection, repentance, and renewal of faith.The service was held in the main church building. A parishioner expressing his thoughts said  "The Maundy Thursday service was a very moving experience. It helped me to reflect on the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and to renew my faith."

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