"National ITI Apprentices Mela" held in Barkur

-Pics Vishwas Barkur 

Barkur, August 14: The district-level Prime Minister's National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme Mela took place at the National Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Barkur. The event was presided over by Udupi Chamber of Commerce & Industries President, Sri Devi Prasad Shetty Andaru, who emphasized the importance of technical education and instilling a sense of commitment and service-mindedness in students' personal and professional lives.

Mr. Kiran Kumar Kodgi, the MLA of Kundapur Assembly Constituency, inaugurated the event along with the lighting of the lamp. Addressing the audience, he stressed the ample job opportunities available for ITI-educated students in the technical field and encouraged all students to make the best use of this advantage.

The Chief Guests of the event were Mr. Nagaraj V. Nayak, Director of District Industrial Centre, and Mr. B. Shantaram Shetty, President of Barkur Vidyabhiwardhana Sangha and President of Barkur Grama Panchayath.

Mr. Venkatesh Kramadari, Principal of National ITI, welcomed the guests. He was joined by the Principal of Government ITI, Perdoor, Mr. K.E.L. Nagaraj, who introduced the recommendations. Mr. Sashi, the Nodal Apprenticeship Advisor  and  M.R. Bhaskar, the Officer-in-Charge of the ITI Training in Manipal, extended their greetings. The event was hosted and managed by the Instructor of National ITI,  Manjunath Nayak K.M.

The event showcased the dedication and enthusiasm of the attendees, aiming to enhance technical education prospects for students and promote a culture of professional service and responsibility. National ITI's commitment to fostering skilled individuals and bridging the gap between academia and industry was evident throughout the proceedings.

The "National ITI Apprentices Mela" provided a platform for students to explore potential career avenues and connect with industry professionals, ultimately contributing to the development of a skilled and capable workforce.

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