New Coconut Oil Mill at Barkur

-Udaya Poojari, Barkur

Madhukar Poojari Barkur has ventured into Coconut Oil Mill for the benefit of the residents of Barkur. Earlier he embarked on his journey in the trade of quality coconut oil, he set up a small shop in front of the Vinayaka Devasthana Temple, dealing in dried coconuts.

In olden days, for Barkurians having access to high-quality, pure coconut oil was always easy with number of Manual Oil Mills operating in mutiple locations. Eventually all of them closed down and from many years, people were relying on Coconut oil sold at the grocery shops. This is where Madhukar Poojari and his team and their initiative, known as Batte Vinayaka Oil Mill and Coconut Shop came in and is situated just behind the Amma Hotel, near Sathegudde, where they have set up a facility to extract and offer pure coconut oil.

The pure, unadulterated coconut oil produced by Madhukar and his team has become a staple in many households. The quality of the oil is unparalleled, making it a preferred choice for cooking and various traditional rituals.

For those interested in acquiring this high-quality coconut oil, Madhukar Poojari and his team are ready to serve. You can obtain the oil directly from them. Simply call 9448984288 to place your order and have the opportunity to experience the essence of pure coconut oil brought to you by this dedicated group.

The dedication and enthusiasm of individuals like Madhukar Poojari serve as an inspiration to us all. Their commitment to quality and the well-being of their community is a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration that exists in Barkur. 

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