New Store 'Madhukar Poojari's Samriddhi Chicken Center' Opens Near Barkur Petrol Pump

-Udaya Poojari, Barkur

In a boon to meat lovers, especially those with a penchant for chicken delicacies, a new store has sprung up in the vicinity of Barkur Petrol Pump, promising a fresh supply of quality poultry. Titled 'Madhukar Poojari's Samriddhi Chicken Center', the establishment has already garnered attention for its grand inauguration and commitment to offering top-notch products at competitive prices.

Initially, the store had faced setbacks with its meat sales due to various reasons, leading to its temporary closure. However, undeterred by the challenges, the proprietors have now relaunched the venture with renewed enthusiasm, aiming to cater to the culinary needs of the local populace effectively.

With a focus on providing superior quality meat products, the store boasts of a wide array of chicken selections, meticulously sourced and maintained to ensure freshness and taste. Moreover, the management has expressed its dedication to customer satisfaction, promising prompt service and fair pricing.

Furthermore, in a bid to attract more patrons, the store has announced special discounts and offers, particularly for members of the Nammuru Barkur Group, extending exclusive privileges for a limited period. For inquiries and orders, customers can reach out to the store at the provided phone numbers: +91 96861 12598 & 9448984288.

The unveiling of  Samriddhi Chicken Center has undoubtedly injected a new vibrancy into the local culinary scene, offering a tantalizing prospect for meat enthusiasts to indulge in premium poultry delights. As the store embarks on its journey to carve a niche in the market, patrons can expect nothing short of excellence in both products and services.

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