Newly Elected Pastoral Council of St Peter Church Barkur, takes charge.

Election of new members for Pastoral Council of St Peter Church, Barkur was held last Sunday. Oath Taking Ceremony for newly elected members was conducted today (15/01/2023) after Sunday Morning Mass. 

Newly elected members of Pastoral Council,

Mr Joseph Fernandes - Vice President

Mr Eric Soans - Secretary 

Mr Herald Dsouza - Convener of Pastoral Commission

During this occasion along with above mentioned elected members, the members of Finance Committee Joseph Fernandes, Eric Soans, Herald Dsouza, Jerald Gonsalves, Shwetha Pinto, Praveen Carvalho and Vivet Lewis and all the representatives of the council took oath to deliver their services to the best of their capacity. Newly elected Head of Hosal Rosary Ward Mrs Sabitha Picardo also took her oath. 

Parish Priest Rev Fr Philip Neri Aranha lead the entire ceremony. On this occasion he appreciated Mr Herald Dsouza, Mrs Vivet Lewis and Mr Eric Soans for their services as Vice President, Secretary and Convener of 20 Pastoral Commissions in last three years and conveyed his best wishes to the newly elected committee.

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