Pallaviraj from PHC Barkur Secures Third Place in National Level Weightlifting Competition

-Anand Kumar Barkur 

Pallaviraj, serving as a security officer at Barkur Primary Health Center, demonstrated her exceptional athletic abilities on March 18, 2024, by clinching the third position in National level weightlifting competition for State Government Employees held in Delhi. Competing in the 84 kg weightlifting category, Pallaviraj's remarkable achievement adds another milestone to her illustrious career.

Under the tutelage of Gym Coach Mahesh Devadiga from Raw Fitness Gym and Supportive Coach Niranjan Nayak Brahmavar, Pallaviraj underwent rigorous training sessions to refine her skills and elevate her performance. Their relentless efforts, coupled with Pallaviraj's unwavering dedication, bore fruit as she secured a commendable position in the fiercely contested event.

The steadfast support of her spouse, Raj Kharvi, also proved instrumental in Pallaviraj's success. His encouragement and assistance undoubtedly played a pivotal role in propelling Pallaviraj to triumph on the prestigious stage of the state-level sports arena.

Pallaviraj's achievement not only brings pride to her family and supporters but also serves as a beacon of inspiration to aspiring athletes throughout the region. Her journey from serving as a security officer to excelling in sports exemplifies the qualities of dedication, perseverance, and the indomitable spirit of pursuing one's dreams against all odds.

As Pallaviraj revels in the glory of her recent triumph, the entire community eagerly anticipates witnessing her future endeavors. With her determination and resilience, Pallaviraj continues to inspire others, demonstrating that with hard work and support, any goal is attainable.

Heartfelt congratulations pour in for Pallaviraj, and as she embarks on her onward journey, the hopes and well wishes of her supporters soar high, wishing her even greater success in the days ahead.

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