Release of the Seventh CD of Hindi Liturgical Hymns by Fr Valerian Mendonca and Fr Clement Mascarenhas in Delhi

The Delhi Catholic Archdiocesan School of Liturgical Music directed by Rev. Fr Wilfred D'Souza organised the release of the seventh CD of Hindi Liturgical Hymns composed and directed by Fr Valerian Mendonca and Fr Clement Mascarenhas with the Lyrics by Fr Edward Mendonca, SJ on July 7, 2016 in Trilokpuri Church, Delhi.

The new CD 'ISH PREM LAHARI' (12 Hymns) was released along with the MP3 of their past six CDs: Pyare Yesu, Yesu Mera Meeth,  Prabhu Ki Stuti, Jeevan Ki Roti, Jai Ho Prabhu and Bhala Gaderiya (62 Hymns).



The Holy Mass was held at 10 a,m, in the Trilokpuri Church during which the Hindi Hymns from the above CDs were sung by the members of the Choir enthusiastically. An hour's interaction was arranged with the composers in which the singers, their parents and lovers of liturgical music participated joyfully. During the session the role of the choirs as leaders of the congregational singing was highlighted. The process and difficulties involved in the creative work of composition were also discussed. Singing the hymns in a harmony of two, three or four voices was well-appreciated. It was also noted that "only our best would be good enough for God".


The singers were thrilled with the interaction and were inspired to carry out the mission of liturgical singing effectively. Rev. Fr Wilfred D'Souza, Parish Priest of Trilokpuri Church, (hailing from Ajekar in Mangalore), directed the programmes admirably.







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