A Life of Purpose and Profound Impact - Remembering Bhaskar Master

-Ashok C.Poojari 

While most leave behind mere footprints in the sands of time, some souls etch their mark indelibly, leaving behind a trail of inspiration that illuminates the paths of many. Bhaskar Master of Bennekudru was one such extraordinary being whose life was a tapestry woven with the threads of purpose, dedication, and selfless service.

From a tender age, he embraced the sacred mantle of the Bennekudru temple affairs, guided by the blessings of his revered Kula Mhasthree Amma. With unwavering commitment, he carried forth these responsibilities, setting an example of devotion and reverence. Hailing from the culturally rich Barkuru-Bennekudru region and the esteemed Mogaveera community, he embodied the essence of equality, forging bonds of love and trust that transcended age and status.

Simplicity was the hallmark of Bhaskar Master's demeanor, complemented by an intrinsic goodness that radiated from within. His affable nature and tireless work ethic paved the way for a remarkable journey of achievement, each step taken with integrity and straightforwardness. For over four decades, he donned the mantle of an ideal teacher at the renowned Saraswati School in Shiribeedu and Adi Udupi School, imparting not just knowledge but also wisdom to thousands of students, whose lives he touched and shaped, contributing an invaluable gift to society.

Today, his former students stand as living testaments to his profound influence, leading lives of honor and distinction across the state, nation, and beyond. For in the realm of education, the 'Guru' occupies a sacred space, guiding souls towards enlightenment and paving the way for their aspirations. Just as students have a goal ahead, the Guru stands firmly behind, a steadfast pillar of support and guidance.

Though the Guru who nurtured countless young minds has now embraced eternal slumber, his legacy endures, etched in the hearts and lives of those he touched. As the adage goes, "At birth, one has breath but no name; at death, one has a name but no breath." Today, Bhaskar Master's name resonates as a beacon, a reminder of his indelible impact.

His presence was not confined to the realms of academia alone; it permeated the very fabric of society, leaving an imprint on social, cultural, literary, educational, and religious spheres. From the hallowed grounds of the Bennekudru temple, his influence extended to his role as a Director of the Mogaveera Cooperative Society, his involvement in the Panchalingeshwara Temple Festival committee, and his founding directorship and vice-presidency of the esteemed Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center in Barkur. Moreover, he served as the Coordinator of the State Science Council branch, his service to various associations and institutions a testament to his boundless dedication.

Within the classroom, Bhaskar Master's passion for the sciences shone brightly, as he employed innovative methods and experiments to impart knowledge in a comprehensive and engaging manner. His artistic inclinations found expression through his special interest in art, adding yet another dimension to his multifaceted persona. However, it was the ancient discipline of yoga that truly became the lifeblood of his existence, an integral part of his being.

Not content with merely imparting academic wisdom, Bhaskar Master shared the gift of yoga with his students, interweaving its principles into their education. His profound understanding of this ancient practice led him to serve as a Yoga Instructor for the esteemed Shantivana Trust and the Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Yoga and Moral Education Scheme. Here, he imparted the teachings of yoga to teachers and the public alike, conducting numerous camps at the state level, his influence spreading far and wide. Locally, too, he organized countless yoga camps, sharing the transformative power of this ancient art.

Bhaskar Master's expertise in yoga was recognized at the highest levels, as he served as a esteemed judge for yoga competitions at the taluk, district, and state levels, his discerning eye and vast knowledge guiding aspiring practitioners. Throughout his illustrious journey, he garnered numerous awards and honors, a fitting tribute to his unwavering dedication and profound impact.

Personally, Bhaskar Master was blessed with a loving and supportive family, a testament to the balance he struck between his myriad pursuits and his personal life.

At the age of 71, after a lifetime of purposeful living, this extraordinary 'Guru' departed, leaving behind a legacy that shall forever illuminate the path for generations to come. As we pay homage to Bhaskar Master, our hearts swell with profound respect and gratitude for a life so beautifully lived, a life that touched and transformed countless others, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of human existence.

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