Shettigar Industries Rangankeri - 14th Sarvajanika Shree Ganeshothsava

The 14th Year Sarvajanika Shree Ganeshothsava organised by Saarvajanika Shree Ganeshothsava Samithi, Shettigar Industries, Rangankeri, Barkur has begun in the exclusive venue set up for the celebrations in Shettigar Industries premises. The event lead by the Committee President Mr B Umesha Acharya's and Honorary President and popular industrialist of Barkur Mr Srinivas Shettigar is one of the most grand celebrations carried out in the town.

Every year the event decorated with variety of quality programmes and this year has been no different. Today, the celebrations began with installing the Idol of Lord Ganapathi and Ganahoma Pooje, followed by Mangalarathi, Prasada Vitharane and Annasantharpane.

The evenings of this festival are always colourful. Starting with Bhajane rendition by Shri Kallugundi Mahaganapathi Bhanjana Mandali, Thanthradi, Mandarthi and Shree Bhuvaneshwari Mahila Bhajana Mandali Shri Panchalingeshwara Devasthana Barkur. Cultural Programmes begin in the evening at 7:30 PM, by the students Hanehalli National Higher Primary School. The prime attraction of evening is going to be the Comedy Drama "Daaye Incha Malthe" presented by 'Javaner Uchchila'.

The celebrations will continue tomorrow as well. Devotees in large number are gathering around the premises of Shettigar Industries, Rangankeri to witness and participate in the Ganeshothsava. The organising committee has done a great job in putting together a great event. Team barkuronline.com is delighted to bring you these wonderful celebrations.

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