Shri Pattabhi Ramachandra Temple, Barkur - 52nd Year Saarvajanika Shree Ganeshothsava

The longest and consistent celebration of Shri Ganeshothsava at Brakur is the one organised by Shri Pattabhi Ramachandra Temple. This year they are marking the the glorious 52nd Year of Celebrations in the temple. The celebrations will run for 5 days, again the highest days of festivities in Barkur. Today, the first day's celebrations began with installing the Idol of Lord Ganapathi and Ganahoma Pooje. Mahapooje and Santharpane afternoon at 1:00 PM and night at 9:00 the day's celebrations will close with Ranga Pooje and Rathri Pooje.

Evening at 6:00 PM there will Shehnai Vadana Programme by Shri Pakirappa Yamunappa Bhajanthri Mundagodu, as well as Bhakthi and Bhava Geethe by Ms Sharanya G Rao Maskibailu, Barkur and Team.

Devotees in large number are gathering in the premises of Shri Pattabhi Ramachandra Temple to witness and participate in the Ganeshothsava. The organising committee has done a great job in putting together a great event. Team barkuronline.com is delighted to bring you these wonderful celebrations.

Pics by : Kishoo Barkur

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