St. Peter's Association (Barkur) Bengaluru Announces Annual Feast Day Celebration

Bengaluru, June 2024 - The St. Peter's Association (Barkur) Bengaluru, SPA has announced its annual feast day celebration in honor of their patron saint, St. Peter. The event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 7th, 2024, promising a day of spiritual reflection, community gathering, and organizational proceedings.

The celebration will commence with a holy mass at 11 am at St. Jude's Church, located in RT Nagar. This religious service is expected to bring together members of the association in a moment of collective worship and devotion to their patron saint.

Following the mass, the venue will shift to Patel's Inn and Resort, also situated in RT Nagar, where the association will conduct its Annual General Meeting (AGM). This meeting is crucial for the organization as it provides an opportunity for members to discuss the association's activities, financial status, and future plans.

The day's program is set to include additional activities beyond the AGM, although specific details have not been disclosed. These events are likely to foster community bonding and celebrate the shared cultural heritage of the Barkur community in Bengaluru.

In an effort to ensure smooth organization and adequate arrangements, the association has urged its members to confirm their attendance at the earliest. This proactive approach demonstrates the committee's commitment to hosting a well-planned and inclusive event.

The St. Peter's Association (Barkur) Bengaluru, which represents the Barkur community in the city, has been organizing this annual feast day celebration for several years. It serves as a vital platform for maintaining cultural ties and strengthening community bonds among its members in the bustling metropolis of Bengaluru.

As preparations for the event continue, the organizers remain optimistic about a strong attendance, viewing it as a testament to the vibrant and united spirit of the Barkur community in Bengaluru.

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