St. Peter's Association (Barkur) Bengaluru Celebrates Patron's Feast

-News Shiney Maria Lewis, Pics Malcolm DSouza

Bengaluru, July 9, 2023 - On Sunday, St. Jude's Church in R.T Nagar was filled with joy and celebration as St. Peter's Association (Barkur) Bengaluru commemorated their Patron's feast. The day began with a solemn High Mass, where Mr. Felix Menezes, the president, warmly welcomed the esteemed congregation. The sacred ceremony was officiated by Reverend Fr. George Andrade and Fr. Patrick Crasta, accompanied by the beautiful choir led by the D'Souza family from Devanahalli. Mrs. Shiney Lewis expressed heartfelt gratitude to all attendees, acknowledging their presence and participation.

Following the Mass, the association organized an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and fellowship at the Blue Pearl Banquet Hall in R.T. Nagar. The event was skillfully managed by Mr. Antony Dsouza, who ensured its smooth execution and captivated the audience with his exceptional poetic talents. The program kicked off with an enchanting welcome dance performance by Ms. Shayna Monis and Ms. Shavia Fernandes, a talented duo.

The distinguished assembly received a warm welcome from Mr. Peter Pinto, the former president. Dr. Kamal Prasad, an esteemed chief guest, and Fr. George Andrade and Fr. Patrick Crasta, esteemed guest of honors, were greeted with respect and admiration, marked by the ceremonial exchange of beautifully arranged bouquets. The president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary joined the guests to symbolically light the lamp, signifying the auspicious beginning of the event and invoking blessings.

Mr. Augustine D'lima introduced the esteemed chief guests, Dr. Kiran Prasad and Fr. George Andrade. Dr. Kiran Prasad has dedicated his life to eradicating "Bonded Labour" and "Child Labour," showcasing an unwavering commitment to social justice. Fr. George Andrade, a respected retired priest, is fondly referred to as "Rethirencho Paadrab" for his profound wisdom.

Fr. George Andrade delivered an eloquent address, emphasizing the significance of forgiveness in our lives. His insightful words shed light on the transformative power of forgiveness, fostering personal growth and strengthening relationships. Dr. Kiran Prasad fondly recalled his time in Barkur and highlighted the remarkable talents that have emerged from St. Peter's Church.

Mrs. Lexin Sequeira took the stage to announce the distinguished Awardees and their remarkable achievements. The recipients were presented with a dignified shawl and a commemorative plaque by Dr. Kamal Prasad, Fr. George Andrade, Fr. Patrick Crasta, and the President. The honored Awardees were as follows:

1. Jeslyn Amelia D'souza, daughter of Mrs. Janet and Mr. Felix D'souza, secured 94.66% in the 10th standard ICSC examination.

2. Michelle Denita Pinto, daughter of Mrs. Monica and Mr. Daniel Pinto, secured 82% in B.Com Analytics.

3. Thamara Rose Furtado, daughter of Mrs. Shirin and Mr. Sunil Furtado, secured 1st place in the Catechism examination conducted at Sophia High School.

4. Sweezal Furtdao, the beloved daughter of Mrs. Savitha Furtdao, brought tremendous honor to the esteemed Barkurian community. She emerged as a shining star in the highly anticipated Miss Teen Universal 2023 Pageant held in Peru, securing the coveted title of "Miss Teen International Princess." Sweezal's exceptional accomplishments also included winning "Miss Teen Universal Asia" and the prestigious "Best National Costume" award. Her achievements serve as a testament to her exceptional abilities and inspire aspiring individuals within the community.

In addition, the association honored couples who celebrated 50 years of married life, exemplifying enduring commitment and unwavering love. The recognized couples were Cynthia and William Lewis and Veronica (Veena) and Srinivasan. Their stories of lasting partnerships served as an inspiration to all, embodying the essence of lifelong commitment.

Mrs. Janet Rego graciously introduced the new members, warmly welcoming each individual and fostering a sense of belonging among the community.

The program continued with the solemn blessing of the food by Fr. Patrick Crasta, followed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Mr. Peter Pinto and President Mr. Felix Menzes skillfully conducted the AGM, ensuring a smooth progression of the meeting. Mrs. Marina Furtado presented the minutes from the previous AGM, providing an overview of discussions and decisions. Additionally, Mrs. Monica Pinto summarized the activities and accomplishments from July 2022 to July 2023 in the secretary's report. Mr. Augustine D'lima meticulously detailed the financial aspects in the statement of accounts, which was approved by the attentive crowd. Mr. Alwyn Pinto delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude for the successful gathering. The program concluded with a delightful fellowship lunch, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among all participants.

The celebration of St. Peter's Association (Barkur) Bengaluru's Patron's feast was a joyous occasion, filled with spiritual devotion, recognition of achievements, and a strong sense of community.

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