St. Peter's Church community Kick Off Celebrations for Monthi Festh with Enthusiastic Novena Prayers.

-News n Pics : Herbert Joseph Menezes

Barkur, August 30, 2023- The eagerly anticipated season has arrived for Canara Catholic Christians as they gather to commemorate the Monthi Festh, a celebration of the nativity of Holy Mother Mary. The community at St. Peter's Church in Barkur joyfully initiated the nine-day Novena, a traditional ritual of devotion and prayer, to prepare for the upcoming Monthi Festh festivities on 8th September.

Amidst a vibrant atmosphere filled with the fragrance of fresh flowers and the resounding echoes of prayers, parishioners of all ages, from children to adults, came together to participate in the Novena. The event was graced by Rev. Fr. Rony Miranda, who led the congregation in the Novena Prayers. The gathering took place in front of the Grotto of Mother Mary, a place of reverence and devotion for the parishioners.

As the Novena Prayers commenced, the sense of enthusiasm and devotion was palpable in the air. The faithful congregated to offer their prayers, seeking blessings and guidance from Infant Mary. The sight of the faithful holding bouquets of vibrant flowers added to the beauty and significance of the event.

Monthi Festh, also known as the Nativity Feast, holds deep spiritual meaning for Canara Catholic Christians. It marks a time of renewal, gratitude, and celebration of the birth of Holy Mother Mary. The Novena, a period of nine days of dedicated prayer and reflection, serves as a time of spiritual preparation for the grand festivities that are to follow.

The Monthi Festh celebrations are a cherished tradition in the Canara Catholic community, and the commencement of the Novena Prayers sets the tone for the coming days of joy, unity, and devotion. As the faithful continue to gather over the next nine days, the anticipation for the Monthi Festh celebrations is sure to build, creating an atmosphere of spiritual connection and shared reverence.

With the inaugural Novena Prayers successfully underway, the  Catholic community in Barkur embarks on a journey of spiritual significance, preparing their hearts and minds to honor the nativity of Holy Mother Mary during the Monthi Festh celebrations.

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