Successful Catechism Day Celebration at St. Peter Church Barkur Reverberates with Devotion

The recent celebration of Catechism Day resonated with joy and spiritual fervor as students and teachers alike came together to commemorate the occasion with reverence and enthusiasm. Held under the patronage of the Parish Priest, Fr. Ronald Miranda, the event unfolded seamlessly, showcasing the dedication and talent of the participants.

The hallmark of the celebration was a solemn Holy Mass and Liturgy, conducted with utmost devotion by students ranging from 1st to 10th grade, skillfully guided by the esteemed Teachers Irene Pais and Sanita Crasta. Their meticulous guidance ensured a flawless execution of the religious proceedings, setting the tone for the rest of the event.

The cultural program that followed provided a platform for students to showcase their talents, with performances ranging from music and dance to drama. Under the diligent mentorship of their teachers, the students captivated the audience with their exceptional skills, earning admiration and applause.

Presiding over the stage program was Fr. Ronald Miranda, accompanied by Fr. Rolwyn Fernandes, the Assistant Parish Priest, and Sr. Jasmitha Crasta, the superior of the convent. Their presence added solemnity and grace to the proceedings, reinforcing the significance of the occasion.

Mrs. Sabitha Fernandes, the dedicated catechism coordinator, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event, ensuring its smooth execution from start to finish. Her tireless efforts were instrumental in bringing together the various elements of the celebration seamlessly.

Highlights of the event included a spirited Bible painting competition, where students showcased their creativity and reverence for scripture. Additionally, special recognition was bestowed upon Miss Alishka Lewis, Ms. Evangeline Macarenhas, and Mrs. Shalet Dias for their remarkable achievements at the diocesan level, further highlighting the talent and dedication within the community.

The event was expertly anchored by Mr. Alwyn D'Almeida, whose engaging presence added flair and cohesion to the program. Mrs. Shalet Dias, in her capacity as a teacher, delivered a warm and heartfelt welcome speech, setting a welcoming tone for the gathering.

In a well-received vote of thanks, Mrs. Sabitha Fernandes expressed gratitude to all those involved in making the event a success, acknowledging their contributions and support.

Fr. Ronald Miranda commended the efforts of the teachers and students, emphasizing the importance of their involvement in the church's activities. His words of encouragement resonated with attendees, leaving a lasting impression of unity and faith.

Overall, the Catechism Day celebration was a testament to the spirit of community and devotion, cherished by all who attended. It served as a reminder of the importance of religious education and fellowship, inspiring participants to continue their journey of faith with renewed zeal and commitment.

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