A solemn Thanksgiving Service was held at Sachchidananda , the Provincialate of the Capuchins at Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore on 26 February 2023, organized by St. Peter’s Association (Barkur ) Bangalore. Around 75 enthusiastic Barkurians participated in the service .

The President ,Mr. Felix Menezes welcomed the gathering . Mr. James Sequeira, in his introduction, said that this service is being held to thank God and the Church for the big miracle that took place in Barkur , a remote village in Udupi District . The miracle was that of raising Fr. Alfred Roche, as SERVANT OF GOD , a first step towards Sainthood. This indeed is a proud and glorious moment for Barkur, Udupi Diocese, the Capuchin Order and the Church in India .

Rev. Fr. Patrick Crasta OFM( Cap ) celebrated the festive Mass. In his homily, though he dealt on the readings of the 1st Sunday of Lent, he explained how the Servant of God Fr Alfred, observed the Lentan season in prayer, fasting,and in doing good to others and how he encouraged the Faithful to repent and return to God by making a good confession and by rejecting Satan and his works just as Jesus overcame His temptations . The D'Souza families from Devanahalli enriched the service with melodious and meaningful hymns . At the end of the Mass, the prayer for his Beatification was recited by all followed by the concluding hymn in honor of the Servant of God, " kalto bolo Bap Alfred Roche Amcho "

After the Mass, Mr. Augustine D’Lima gave his testimony .  He began by recalling the various titles by which Father was known during his earthly sojourn, which were quite many, including the popularly and vastly used title “Amcho Padriab ". He narrated how his brief stay with him in Brahmavar, during his PUC examinations, left an indelible mark in his life,through his fatherly treatment, concern, encouragement and care. He recalled how through the intercession of Amcho Padriab, he recovered from Covid and how his autistic son has shown remarkable improvement in his behavior from his hyper activity and difficult to control nature. When he went to Barkur to take part in the funeral service of his eldest brother last year, he made a pilgrimage to the tomb of "Amcho Padriab " at Brahmavar and prayed with full of confidence for the recovery of his another elder brother in Bangalore who was seriously ill at the same time of his eldest brother's demise. He firmly believes that  his brother was miraculously recovered through the intercession of Fr. Alfred .

He concluded by exhorting all present to trust in the intercessory role of Fr Alfred and to pray that his Beatification may take place soon.

Fr. Patrick explained how in a matter of 7 years , Fr. Alfred was declared a "SERVANT OF GOD" . The speed with which the 8 Karnataka Bishops under the leadership of the Arch Bishop of Bangalore, Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, having gone through the brief biography and testimonies, sent this report along with it, further details regarding the exemplary life and pastoral work of Fr. Alfred to the Sacred Congregation in Rome . However, since it was Corona time, the postal service was not functioning well. Almost miraculously a Capuchin Priest who was going to Rome at that time was requested to take these precious documents and he personally handed them to the Postulator in Rome, who delivered the same to the Congregation for the cause of Saints. Within three months, the Congregation approved the reports and declared Fr. Alfred Roche " A SERVANT OF GOD " and sent a communique to this effect to the Bishop of Udupi, Rt. Rev. Jerarld Isaac Lobo. The Bishop, solemnly and publicly in front of a vast crowd, hundreds of Priests and numerous Nuns promulgated the good news on 15th August 2021 during the solemn Pontifical High Mass , amidst the peeling of Church bells, bursting of fire crackers and the thunderous sound of the brass band.

He also gave the good news that another miracle was taking place in Barkur and surrounding areas viz., the skeptics too have started in believing the holiness of Fr. Alfred and in his intercessory powers . The people of Kudru Vado, he said have decided to donate a piece of land to erect a chapel there in his honor and that the faithful of Barkur too have promised support.

He concluded by thanking us for organising this "Thanksgiving Service " and exhorted all to promote this cause so that the next step, that of "Beatification " may take place soon.

The Secretary, Mrs. Monica Pinto delivered the vote of thanks . The function ended with a sumptuous lunch for all present.

James Sequeira .

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