2 more Monthi Festh hymns by Junior Choir

All the Monthi Festh 2109 hymns were sung by the Junior Choir (5th Standard to 10th Standard children) and one by the tiny tots. Both the groups were trained by Choir Master Eric Soans Barkur who composed few special hymns for them.

Here we are happy to present 2 more of the Monthi Festh 2019 hymns.

"Kallij hein Ullastha" 

Lyrics : from Psalm 13 ,Tunes and Trained by Eric Soans Barkur 

"Sarg Uzwadala"

Lyrics and Trained by Eric Soans Barkur, Tune Navis Clive Vaz, Piusnagar

Watch this space for more videos.

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