Mog thujo Kthlo aashelm-Cover By : Alline Veigas

We are very happy and proud to present, new Konkani Cover version of one of the most popular songs in Konkani "Mog Tuzo Kithlo Ashelom" of the legend Konkan Kogull Wilfy Rebimbus, by   Alline Veigas (7), Daughter of Diana Dsilva/Vanil Veigas couple from Kachur, Barkur.


Alline is studying in 2nd Standard in St.Francis School, Bangalore. She made her first Youtube video of her singing the Indian National Anthem when she was 4 years old and launched her own Youtube channel.

Apart from Singing, Alline is interested in Gymnastics and Prakour. She is an active member of the training center 'Chaos Facktory' in Bangalore. She also loves sea food. She is the grand daughter of Kitty and Arthur D'Silva, Kachur, Barkur.

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