Kash, A short film on Kashmir, ripples through film festivals.

Kash (काश) : Hope in the Valley

Kashmir, after the killing of Burhan Wani by security forces, saw more than 27 schools being burnt down by unknown arsonists in multiple districts. 

This film talks about how important It is for education to survive and prevail in conflicted areas. The poem in this short depicts the innocence in the mind of the child, talking about her 'hero'. This hero on the other hand is contrasted by the visuals of reality caused by poverty and lack of education.

Through the Hindi word 'Kash / काश', which literally translates to an 'expression of Hope', the director wants to convey that there is still chance in such conflicted areas and it is only education that can put an end to terrorism and extremist behaviours.

This short film produced and directed by the media savvy youngsters in Manipal is creating sensation in the Film Festivals. Conceptualized and  directed by Shivang Singh,  this films visuals are captured by Arjun Malhotra, Prithikirti Pratyush and Shivang Singh. Its been officials selected for "EduDoc 2018", Stories of Education, Josiah Media Festival 2018, 8th Pune Short Film Festival and others. Sound designing for this film is done by Anirudh Sean Gonsalves, Barkur, and Sanath Balkur of Noizbleed along with George Geo.

barkuronline.com is happy to present this film for the viewing pleasure of  our visitors and wish the production team for more accolades for their achievements.  

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