Whistle Maar, dance by Strelisha Lewis

Strelisha Karen Lewis is like any high school teenager studying in 10th standard at Abu Dhabi Indian School, full of life and energetic. What makes her stand apart is her keen sense of rhythm and observation. She has this uncanny ability to convert the music into graceful dance moves. Yes, the moment she hears a tune with well set rhythm and understands the song, she dance gracefully to that music without any practice and each time she repeats the dance, she takes it to the next level.

Here we are happy and proud to introduce Strelisha Karen Lewis, daughter of Shammi Lewis Andrade, and Terence Lewis, Abu Dhabi, the founding pillars of EB, the team of Barkurians in UAE. Apart from being studious, Strelisha is also interested in dance, music, painting and sports. Aptly supported by her doting father, she has already acquired  her Black Belt in Karate. She has participated in State level Kho Kho Tournament and won Silver Medal and also bagged many medals in swimming competitions.

She is aspiring for a career in Aviation Industry. Here we present a spontaneously self choreographed dance to the tune of Whistle Maar, a popular song composed by Ajith Peter DSouza.

Whistle Maar by Strelisha Karen Lewis, Abu Dhabi 

Song Credits, Album, Lyrics and Tune Ajith Peter DSouza, Pethri 

Sung by Munita Veigas 

DOP Sunnu Monis Boliye

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