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To the best of my memory, let re-collect my 1st  standard days in Maryknoll Higher Primary School, at the age of around 5, I used to accompany my father to a small stationery shop, in the rainy days of July, 1966, a young, handsome, whitish color shop keeper, conversing in pure Konkanni language, packing the parcel by himself, every now and then calling attention of his brothers, to take care of other customers / visitors, few youngsters of the same age group sipping the evening tea and discussing the would be play to be presented during the Parish feast day or the Cricket match….. and so on…….! A tiny shop of copper smith father late Mr. Anthony Pais with his simplicity and humble behavior was the center of activities since then… now almost 40 long years…..!!

The eldest of his children, Mr. Stany Pais and his life sketch now a success story of a businessman, started from here and flourished as well.

Once I got indications from our Host to outline the Personality of this colorful son of Barkur, Shri Stany Pais, got confused… from where to start… a page is surly in-sufficient… should I restrict him to religious or social circles… or highlight cultural face of him… or narrate his life in political arena… or simply as a human being, known for yeoman’s service not restricted only to Christians of this area…or a man grown-up to be a top class businessman with a humane face…. No I can’t do justice to this individual in all fields…. and surly there will be missing lines…hence leave it to you reader’s to call back what you / they specially liked in this Gentleman of Barkur.

It is said there is no short cut to success other than hard work, what we specially admire in Mr. Pais is his balancing act – he being a 24 hours trader, have time for everything, every occasion and everybody at Barkur.

A perfect example for a self made man, Stany Pais surely inherited the enormous goodwill of his parents as capital, and in later years when the business prospered aptly supported by brothers, sisters, wife and children, - a better example for a well knitted joint family, in this modern times!

He mix up with young and elderly at ease, he converse with powerful politicians / religious authorities… or a poor customer requesting credit for goods purchased at same simplicity… he talks of various plays and dramas and cultural activities… take time to explain you the pros and cons of particular brand of Cement or Steel pipes… and all of a sudden a phone call rings, he leaves his shop in the hands of a non-catholic boy and runs to the house from where people seek help in emergencies… a message comes from distant place to convey the good or bad news to the elderly parents…… out any social organization, he or his involvement will be visibly seen….he has special love for educational institutions at Barkur…..I have also seen him  correcting youngsters and putting a straight Question, do you think what you are doing is correct…?

Every one has something to discuss, share, consult with him, practically every vacation visitor pay visit to him, a magnetic personality shall I call, yes truly so.

A versatile actor of late 60’s and early 70’s in almost all plays presented by St.Peter’s Association, Barkur church; he will be remembered for his immaculate performances. Once again let me hanker on my father’s quote “yes my son, your CYM is presenting plays without feelings and emotions, you people must have seen Stany’s role as Segunachi Sun or Doth Dha Hazzar, or Ragthachi Zallin Dukhan, full justice to the roles and the play with total involvement with the character”

In late 70’s being the Vice President of the Parish Council was not only long but also spectacular. In the Mandal and Grama Panchayat as a responsible voice, he was instrumental to help the needy and poor, being the Founder President of Catholic Sabha, he gave the boost to secular leadership that followed even in non-religious affairs, as an active member and Office bearer of the Educational Society of N.J.College, he rightly filled the missing vacuum of Christian leadership to involve himself in student welfare, his services as an office bearer of Agro-produce Market, of Udupi District, in the recent past also commendable.

As the crowning glory to this multi-faceted man, in the previous year, an important task of starting and organizing The Rotary Club of Barker was just like a cakewalk! Barker .com visitors may have their memories afresh of various activities undertaken under the stewardship of its dynamic President Mr. Pais. Now Rotary of Barkur a household name not just because it is an international social group, but its imitable concern and action, for the needs of this semi-urban Barkurian Society, in every walks of life and growth.

At our Barkur, Mr. Pais, is a perfect example for community living, his doors always open to people of all faith, We at feel great proud and contentment to honor Shri Stany Pais as the ‘Personality of the Month’. We wish him and his wife and children and family member’s good health and a long life, in the service of Barkurians.

On behalf of Barker .com and ICYM Ex-Member’s Association,

P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat, 05/08/2003.


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