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Dr. B. L. Adiga proudly presents our own Dr. B. L. Adiga, popularly known as namma Adiga Maastru.  The 26 alphabets of the English language are not sufficient enough to mention his professional degrees: Dr. B. Laxminarayana Adiga, R.M.P. (AYUR), M.B.H.S., M.D.H., M.Sc., (Homoeopathy); G.M.

Date of Birth : 15.06.1931.  Parents: Mr. B. Ananthayya Adiga and Mrs. Phaniyamma, of Barkur, 2nd amongst 8 children. Others being Subramanya Adiga, Ramachndra Adiga, Krishnamoorthy Adiga, late Ms. Lalitha, Ms. Vimala, Ms. Yashoda and Ms. Sumithra.  He was born at Moodukeri, the brain center of Barkur.

Education: Primary Education at the Government Board School (near Church.) High School (SSLC) at National High School, Barkur. 2nd Grade trained teacher, initially.  

Other qualifications :

   1. Hindi Rashtra Bhasha, Praveena

   2. Music  - Junior grade, from Madras Government

   3. Drawing - Senior grade, from Madras Government

   4. Agriculture - Junior grade, from Madras Government

   5. R.M.P.  Registration during the year 1964.  Only a handful of people from Barkur could afford to go to Madras those days for higher studies.  It wasn't easy to find education, especially prior to 1947. 

Academic services:

   2 years during 1954 to 56 at SMS high school, Brahmavar.

   7 years during 1956 to 63 at NHS, Barkur. 

   1 year from 1963-64 at Kulur High School, Mangalore.

   25 years, from 1964 to 1989, at Maryknoll Higher Primary School Barkur, and retired during the year 1989.

Dr. Adiga is married to Ms. B. Jayalaxmi of Bhadravathi in the year 1957.  They have four children: 1. Mrs. Shamala (presently working at SBI, Bangalore.)  2. Mr. Shashidhar (married to Bharathi, father to Nishanth and Nithish) residing with Adiga master, who is self employed by running a coffee powder and flour mill and also is an agent of solar lights,  Tata BP Solar Ltd,, Bangalore, and  Vijaya Industies, Katapady.)   3. Mrs. Nirmala Nagendra, Medical practitioner at Jagtyala, near Karimnagar, Andra Pradesh.   4. Mrs. Vatsala (Mantap Ice Cream, Saligrama.)

Interesting subjects he taught:  Dr. Adiga took pride in teaching    Science and Mathematics, Drawing and Music/Singing, and especially Hindi Language.  (Some of the students in late fifties thought that B.L. Adiga would become the Senior Hindi Pandith at National High School, Barkur, however, the students did not get what they hoped for, in 1960 or so.  Politics? I do not know!)

Dr. Adiga, takes immense pride in practicing ayurvedic medicine serving the people of Barkur and in the surrounding areas.  Besides what he learned from Ayurvedic schools, he had the unique privilege to know the secrets of this medical practice from his parents, and grand parents.  We all know, that some of the techniques of collecting certain roots, plants, at what time of the year, at what lunar phase, at night or midday collections, or flowering or fruit producing phase of the medicinal plants, is certainly a well guarded family secret.  The potency of a plant juice/syrup/pulp is really strong based on at what time, day, month/season it's collected. It's indeed a science. I really do not know whether he made any real money out of this practice, however, I am sure he does get tremendous joy and satisfaction in healing some illnesses or health problems. 

It has been said, that his touch plays a greater role in healing along with the right ayurvedic treatments.   I am sure, he too has passed down these secrets to his children, thus Barkur can benefit for generations to come. does not promote any ones' business activity, however, we take pride in reporting Dr. Adiga's confidence in controlling diabetes, providing effective treatment (snake poisons) for snake bites, paralysis, acidity, asthma, and some  other common treatments for cuts or skin irritations and various other maladies. He runs the 'Shree Raghavendra Vaidya Shala' at Shedigudde, Barkur.

Presently, Dr. Adiga is engaged in Business with Shashidhar, his son, and helps in promoting installation of solar lamps and repair of oil engines.   He also provides background music for dramas, by playing harmonium or other musical  instruments, and also for Bhajana mandalas.  He is very busy with his work, and he does not seem to enjoy in bragging about his social works, free services, and not charging those who can't afford payments. 

Thank you sir, for your kind charitable works. We wish you a very happy retired life.   Namasthe Sir!,

from ( Written by James Fernandes)


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