English Language Fest Empowers Students at National Higher Primary School

-News n Visuals : Prof. Archibald Furtado

In an endeavor to foster a deep appreciation for the English language and promote a culture of learning, the National Higher Primary School, Uddalgudde – Hanehalli, hosted a vibrant English Language Fest at the National Campus. The event, held on Saturday, proved to be a resounding success, captivating not only the attending students but also garnering significant interest from their parents.

Under the dynamic leadership of HM Mr. Uday Shetty and his dedicated team of educators, the festival aimed to showcase the merits of incorporating English language proficiency within vernacular medium schools, such as those teaching Kannada. A seminar, held as part of the festival, effectively kindled interest among primary students, demonstrating the enriching opportunities available to them through English language learning.

The festival commenced with a captivating stage program, commencing with a melodious hymn invoking divine blessings. HM of NHPS extended a warm floral welcome to esteemed guests including Secretary of BES Mr. Ashok Kumar Shetty, who presided over the event, along with Administration Coordinator of National Institutions Mr. P. Archibald Furtado and renowned resource person and trainer Mr. Uday. Notable figures such as Mr. Sunder Shetty, a generous donor, HM of National High School Mrs. Hemavathy PS, and Mrs. Ashwini Kanchan, Lecturer in English at NJC Barkur, graced the occasion.

Mr. Uday articulated the significance of workshops like these, inspired by the consortium of Brahmmavar Kannada Medium Schools, which have now become a model replicated in neighboring districts of DK, Chickmagalore, and Uttara Kannada. Mr. Furtado underscored the pivotal role of English in the contemporary world, emphasizing how young learners can effortlessly master multiple languages, while expressing satisfaction that such workshops mark the initial strides towards making English learning engaging and accessible.

Observing the enthusiastic participation of students from Kindergarten to VII, Mr. Ashok Kumar Shetty applauded the initiatives and training efforts spearheaded by Primary Schools under the auspices of the Management. The fest was brimming with various activities designed to instill self-confidence and showcase talents, skillfully guided by the English teaching staff of the High School and the PU College.

Despite being the inaugural showcase of English talents, participants including the master of ceremonies, performers, singers, dancers, and actors, displayed remarkable poise and fluency in English, leaving parents astonished by their confidence and commitment to linguistic growth.

The English Language Fest at National Higher Primary School, Uddalgudde – Hanehalli, not only served as a celebration of linguistic diversity but also underscored the transformative power of education in nurturing young minds and preparing them for a globally connected world.

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