Gokuldas Hosala and Shaila D'Souza to head Barkur Panchayath

Gokuldas Hosala and Shaila D'Souza, Nagarmutt are elected as the President and Vice President of Barkur Panchayath. 

Gokuldas Hosala


Shaila D'Souza, Nagarmutt


They are the elected member of the Panchayath from Nagarmutt ward and were instrumental in the various development schemes like Hosala-Nagarmutt link road, concreting of the various inner roads includimng Heradi Nagarmutt road etc.


They were elected about 2 and a half two and half year earlier and half way through their term. For the last half they will be serving as the President and Vice President of the panchayath.  


Shaila D'Souza is elected unanimously in the general category among the 7 eleigible candidates. She is wife of Herald D'Souza, Gurkaar of Nagermutt ward and former Vice President of the Parish Council in the church of St.Peter.


We at barkuronline.com wish both Gokuldas and Shaila D'Souza a very successful tenure at their office and expect more developments in Barkur. 

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