Lajja Gauri Idol rescued and shifted to safety.

Anand Kumar Barkur

Few days ago we published the news about the finding of rare idol of Lajja Gauri near the Primary Health Center. Few alert and concerened citizens alerted the authorities and it was noticed by Shivakant Bajpai, Superintending Archaeologist of ASI Bangalore Circle and he guessed the idol to be from 6th century and informed that he issued an order to his local in-charge to keep it in safe custody and he also sent a mail in this regard to the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police of the district.  

Acting on that Brahmavar Tahasildar Kiran G. Gaurayya, Former President of Barkur Grama Panchayath B.Shantharam Shetty, Brahmavar P.S.I. Raghavendra, Head of Department of History at Smt.Rukmini Shedthi Memorial National Government First Grade College, Aryn Kumar H.R., Superintending Archaeologist of ASI Bangalore CircleShivakant Bajpai, Junior Conservation Assistant Gokul Praveen K., Students of History Department of History  and NSS of  Smt.Rukmini Shedthi Memorial National Government First Grade College and local residents, Kotemane Sudhakar Poojari, Roopesh, and Sandeep with the help of R.N.Nayak, Sanjay Kumar, Meghendra Kumar, Engineer Chandrakanth and Sculptor Dinesh of Archeological Department, got into action and painstakingly dug out the rare idol which was buried and forgotten for centuries together.  The idol is kept safely at the National Monument Katthale Basadi of Barkur for the time being till the further course of action.


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