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‘Barkur-on-line Team’ always tries to show-case the best Barkurian ethos and cultural diversity, and every effort is made so is our wish to capture the entire spectrum of Barkur’s vibrant colors. One such effort in line is the below chronology of great events involving our Barkur, over the centuries, which is prepared based on the following records and books published from time to time.

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Young Entrepreneur  Praveen Ligory  Carvalho

Young Entrepreneur Praveen Ligory Carvalho

The life and times of young Praveen Carvalho is an open book! One need not elevate to match his achievement. Home to the renowned tourist destination Udupi and at its very entrance, one finds ‘JAE's Wheel Masters’. First ever Computerized Wheel Alignment and Automatic Tyre changer unit  in Udupi district, along with tire dealership, strategically located on NH 17 (now NH 66) near Kinnimulky -  whenever one look at it, while travelling by bus, gives the proud feel - it a ‘Barkurian’s Enterprise…..!

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Archie's Corner
  • The myth of Bhutala Pandya or Apostle Bartholomew associated with The Ancient Coastal port town of Barkur

    History is a subject always fascinates most of us, though many of us, so I am, not qualified enough to analyze the same, scientifically. One such topic, we failed to understand is the legend of Jain King Bhutala Pandya, always referred, as the nobleman who first ruled from Barkur throne, as early as 78 AD, hence the name Barkur and a claim that his descendents ruled the place later for almost 300 long years! It is equally important to note here, except a book referring to this dynasty, which looks more like imaginative and exaggerative, to narrate a story that may or may not, really taken place almost 2000 years earlier, since the book written was in 14th century. No other historical evidence, structure, is yet to be traced at Barkur, as most of the monuments, one can find in the place, the most ancient one, date back to 9th Century AD and others thereafter……

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Pedruchi Chavi Dec 2015
Best Wishes
Happy Birthday Janis Moraes
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Theresa Rebello
Born : 05-09-1934
Passed away : 05-10-2015
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