John P Sequeira

A few unique features of this Biography.

Much awaited John P. Sequeira’s Biography,  will be published St. Peter’s Association (Barkuru), Bengaluru and this will  consist of almost 140 pages – More than 100 pages of information divided into 30 Small Chapters, highlighting the person from different perspectives’ with human weakness if any

It’s a story of a charismatic leader, an educationist, a silent revolutionary and a social worker of Barkur, who was nicknamed as ‘one of the makers of modern Barkur…..’

The most part of the Book is written and compiled by Archibald Furtado, Barkur, in his unique style keeping it simple, crispy and easy to understand, needless to mention as he had a distinct credit of writing half a dozen such works, for the last four years…..

The real life story reproduced after 60 years of JP Sequeira’s demise (1900 – 1963), as a memorial of Platinum Jubilee, of National High School Barkur 1946 – 2021, (truly a brainchild of JPS and his contemporary friends and visionaries of the time….) now it’s the turn of his admirers and well-wishers.

‘Foreword’ is written by V. Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendonca, Rector of Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur. (Former - Principal of Milagres College & Vicar of Barkur)

The covers are artistically designed by ‘Kishoo Barkur’ with panoramic snaps clicked by class Photographer ‘Stephen Lewis’, Mayoora Studios….

The Book contains nostalgic memories from people who had seen, inspired and encouraged by the legend JPS himself in 50’s & 60’s. & those who read and heard of him over the years, comprising learned men from different walks of life – priests and professors, professionals and laymen alike…..!

Apart from contributions from JPS children and couple of family members, the book will feature beautifully written passages from the grandchildren, especially their keenness and curiosity to know their Aab and their dreams and aspirations of a different kind….!

Herein we will publish the ‘OVERVIEW OF THE BIOGRAPHY’, as the Book will be released for public during a function scheduled  to be released on 28th December, 2021, in Barkur.

We will update more details in coming days….

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Kishore Gonsalves.

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