A big thank you ...Rev Fr Alban D'Souza

A big thank you –

Rev. Fr. Alban D’Souza




While I was on my short holidays in July last year, there were wispers and hearsay stories making rounds in Barkur that Rev. Fr. Alban D’Souza will be here at Barkur Parish just for a short period and will be assigned to greater responsibilities. A year, just he going to complete here on 30-05-2012 and transfer orders from the Bishop, directing him to take up Kalmadi Velankanni Shrine is not remained a secret anymore. On 4th June, 2012, Rev. Fr. Alban D’Souza will be taking charge of newer and greater responsibilities, as parish Priest of Stella Maris Church, Kalmady.



Fr Alban was the third and the youngest son of Mrs. Theresa & late Felix D’Souza of Shankara pura, was born on 9th October, 1967. After his elementary education at native Pangla he joined St. Mary’s First Grade College, Shirva. He had his priestly training at St. Joseph’s Seminary at Jeppu, Mangalore. He was ordained priest on 06/04/1999 and sent to Bidar for one year. On return he served as Assistant Parish priest at Kulshekar at about 3 years. Cassia church was his next destination just for a year, as he was appointed as one of the youngest Parish Priest of Pakshikere, to the famous shrine dedicated to St. Jude Thaddeus. He was rightly called the ‘Architect of Modern Pakshikere’, for his enormous contribution for the welfare of the Church and its people till 30th May, 2011, as he completed seven long years in that parish and it was time for transfer……



Just an year back, our Barkur parish was rejoicing with young priests arrival here, on 30th May, 2011, to usher new era of ‘faster progress’ – the renovated sanctuary and the alter, new generator, laying of inter lock tiles to the entire Church compound and the construction of a new ‘Adoration Chapel’ adjacent to the church etc…… one can’t believe, all these things happened within just an year!!



Over and above these three visible changes, we noticed something very much unique in the parish – religious awakening of one great year… Regular, weekly Thursday evening charismatic prayers, frequent retreats, special holy week celebrations and so on…. all speak in volumes of the man behind this renaissance.


Personally, I met him just thrice, for a short while, each meeting not lasting more than 3 – 4 minutes…..but I cherish those moments. Once after the Sunday Mass, in July last year, next on a Thursday prayer and last during reception of Silver Jubilee celebration of my friend Mrs & Mr. Stephen Greta Lewis at Mary knoll High School grounds, in Feb 2012. Though three different occasions… and each time an experience of special type. Age wise he is very young to me, but one matured human being personified in him. He enjoys every moment of life with the people surrounding him, wherever he is…..




On Thursdays, people not only around Barkur used to gather but from nearby parishes of Sastan, Brahmmavar were there, almost full church, predominantly middle and lower middle class, in search of peace of mind and good health…. There were distant visitors too longing for a personal meeting with the priest. Especially elders in the parish were more than happy to spend long hours in the Church in the presence of God. His persuasion skills, knowledge, preaching and proclamation of word of God were amazing. Very simple and humble, easily approachable, Fr. Alban is well known for passionate counselling and resolving many a complications, disorders….and restore peace.


Every era of better things always of a short term – Fr. Alban about to say goodbye to Barkur as parish priest, surely Barkurian’s by and large miss him. Fortunately he will be there just about 15 k.m. away in nearby Malpe- Kalmady, an up coming shrine in the midst of, once flush green paddy fields, will going to attract pilgrims from all sides.


Right man at right place, Fr Alban will bring more glory to the place and solace to hundreds of devotees of ‘Our Lady of Vellannkanni’, in days to come. Located ideally, this place has all potentials of becoming a Retreat & Counselling Centre, with and in the holy hands of Fr. Alban D’Souza.


We Barkurian's will be preparing to say adieus to Fr. Alban and gearing up to welcome Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendonca, a scholar, ever smiling, great musician, retired Principal of Milagres College, Kallianpur, as our New Parish Priest (we will try to give a brief introduction of Fr. Mendonca in coming days)


If one has a will to do something, useful to the society, time and resources will not be a hindrance and there are people who come forward, Fr. Alban took the initiative to tap them and done something unique for the people of God in Barkur, which will leave a permanent mark, in the history annals of this famed church. A big thank you Rev. Father, for all concerns you shown for us…….May Almighty Bless you with good health in days to come.


With heartfelt thanks,


On behalf of Barkur-online Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,


P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat .

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