Colourful Yoga Day Celebrations at National High School & Higher Primary School, Barkur

-Prof.P.Archibald Furtado

Barkur, June 21, 2024 – National High School and Higher Primary School, Barkur, hosted a vibrant and engaging celebration for International Yoga Day, marked by various activities and enthusiastic participation from students, teachers, and community leaders. The event underscored the significance of yoga as an essential practice for physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

The celebrations commenced with an inspiring keynote address by Mr. Madhusudhana from Herooru, an advisor to the Giants Group, Brahmmavara. He eloquently emphasized that "the science of yoga is the science of inner management." He highlighted the importance of creating a state of bliss, joy, and peace from within, independent of external circumstances. Mr. Madhusudhana also lamented the neglect of traditional food habits and manual work in the present generation, stressing that yoga, dhyana (meditation), and pranayama (breathing exercises) are crucial for maintaining wellness and health.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Shetty, Secretary of The Barkur Educational Society, formally inaugurated the event by lighting the traditional lamp. In his address, he acknowledged the United Nations' declaration of June 21st as International Yoga Day, recognizing it as a tribute to an ancient science that promotes overall well-being. Mr. Shetty pointed out that while the term "yoga" is widely known, the understanding of its processes and practices is limited. He expressed gratitude to the trainers and organizations, including Rotary Barkur and Giants Brahmmavara, for their efforts in promoting yoga at the primary school level.

In his presidential address, Mr. Seetharama S., the current President of Rotary Barkur, extended his compliments to all students participating in the event. He emphasized the opportunity to spread the message of self-responsibility in improving one's well-being, highlighting the importance of individual commitment to personal and societal health.

Mr. Sundara Poojary, President of the Giants Group, Brahmmavara, shared his sentiments and congratulated all participants and winners of various yoga competitions held throughout the week.

Earlier in the day, Mrs. Jyothy Shetty, a senior science teacher at National High School, warmly welcomed the organizers, management, sponsors, and participants. She reminded everyone that "health is wealth" and that practices like yoga are essential to maintain fitness and well-being.

The week-long training sessions culminated in a series of competitions, with prizes distributed to the winners. The event featured an impressive display of various yoga asanas by trained students, showcasing ten quick and beneficial positions for young students.

Mr. Udaya Shetty, Headmaster of National Primary School, expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of Yoga Day and the enriching Yoga Week. In a heartfelt gesture, the esteemed Yoga Guru, Mr. Madhusudhana Pai, was honored with a traditional shawl, garland, and memento for his exceptional training and knowledge sharing over the years and during the past week.

Mr. Maruti KP, a Kannada teacher at the high school, presented the stage program with engaging and crisp inputs, adding a personal touch that was appreciated by all attendees.

The event saw the presence of several notable guests, including Administrative Coordinator of National Institutions Mr. P. Archibald Furtado, Giants President, officers from Hanehalli – Barkur Primary Health Centre, Mrs. Yashaswini, various health workers, office bearers of Rotary Barkur and Brahmmavara, along with teachers and other invited guests.

The celebrations at National High School and Higher Primary School, Barkur, not only marked International Yoga Day but also instilled a deeper appreciation for yoga among the participants, fostering a culture of health and wellness within the community.

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