Free Cancer Screening Camp Draws Large Turnout in Heradi

HERADI, Barkur - In a commendable display of community service, a free cancer screening camp was organized in Heradi drawing over 100 participants from the surrounding areas. The event, which focused particularly on cervical and breast cancer screenings for women, as well as general cancer screenings for the public, was a joint initiative by Heradi's Ananya Souharda Sahakari Sangha,  Rotary Club of Barkur, and Athula Yuvaka Sangha.

The camp was held at the premises of Smt. Rukmini Shedti Memorial National Private Higher Primary School in Heradi. A team of specialized doctors from Yenepoya Hospital, Mangalore, conducted the screenings, offering their expertise to the local community.

The event was inaugurated by Ro. A. Rathnakar Shetty, a retired Forest Conservation Officer, who lit the ceremonial lamp to mark the beginning of this noble endeavor. Ro. Seetharam S., President of the Rotary Club, presided over the function, emphasizing the importance of regular health check-ups and early detection in the fight against cancer.

Several dignitaries graced the occasion with their presence. Mr. Harish, President of Ananya Souharda Sahakari Sangha, Mr. Prakash Shetty, President of Yadtadi Gram Panchayat, and Mr. Rathnakar Shetty, Headmaster of the host school, were among the notable attendees. The medical team from Yenepoya Hospital was represented by Dr. Kush Agarwal and Dr. Rifat, along with Mr. Vijayanand, the hospital's administrative officer.

In recognition of their invaluable service to the community, Dr. Kush Agarwal and Dr. Rifat were honored by the Rotary Club of Barkur. Rotarian Seetharam S., the club's president, presented them with tokens of appreciation, acknowledging their commitment to public health.

The event not only provided essential health services but also raised awareness about the importance of regular cancer screenings. Participants received free consultations and were educated about various types of cancers, their symptoms, and preventive measures.

Ro. Babu Naik, Secretary of the Rotary Club, delivered a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the camp. The program was skillfully compered by Mr. Prakash Tantri, Secretary of Athula Yuvaka Sangha, ensuring smooth coordination throughout the event.

This collaborative effort between local organizations and medical professionals serves as a shining example of community-driven healthcare initiatives. By bringing specialized medical services to the doorstep of rural communities, such camps play a crucial role in early detection and prevention of life-threatening diseases like cancer.

As the camp concluded, organizers and participants alike expressed hope that such initiatives would continue, fostering a culture of regular health check-ups and preventive care in the region. The success of this event underscores the power of community collaboration in addressing critical health concerns and improving the overall well-being of rural populations.

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