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“If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature.” – Bruce Barton.

Barkur, a place rich with tradition and history, also a host for several great people, who excelled in various fields, and this web site always felt proud to give a glimpse of such few amidst us, to its visitors. Herein for this month, we have chosen, a special one, a fairly young one, in his 30’s, from a different field – a multi talented, devout, highly qualified Catholic Priest, from Nagermutt – Rev. Fr. Cyprian Henry D’Souza.

Of course overnight no one becomes great; the life line and the living of a few are proved to be an inspiration to others, so is their own achievement to the heights of success by way of hard work and dedication to the vocation they have chosen. With a humble beginning, in an economically poor family, as most of us, in Nagermutt, he was the first among the children, in that large God-fearing, humble and hardworking family, to step in the High School. It is rightly said, ‘God chooses the best one’ and in his early teens a call from Him to serve in the wide open world, into the footsteps of St. Francis Xavier, as a servant of God and man, with Pilar Fathers Seminary at Goa.

Early life and inspirations:

Born on 11th July 1964, (on world population day) at Barkur, had his early education in Mary knoll Hr. Pry. School and National Junior College. A simple person with love for peace, Cyprian was an introvert and had no motivators. The seed of holiness and call for Priesthood was as early as when he was in 5th standard, 10th pass paved the way to follow Christ’s footsteps and entered the heavenly riches  - embracing God and giving God in Sacraments and in life to others. His parents, especially Mother was the best inspiration and Rev. Fr. Joseph D’Souza, Aab Padryab, the then Parish Priest inspiration of life.

Higher studies in various faculties:

Various degrees and diplomas and certificate courses, ranging from academics, music, computers, mass communications, counselling, social work, history…. Fr. Cyprian has done and doing will stand as testimony for his intellect and thirst for knowledge – B.A. from Nagpur University, M.A. in English from Agra University, LL.B, M.S.W.  with first class from prestigious Mangalore University are few to mention in the long list. At the moment preparations are underway to go for Ph.D. studies in Social Work.

As an ordained Priest and as Rector of Minor Seminary at Kallianpur:

Almost 10 years ago on 9th May 1994, he was ordained as Priest in the hands of Bishop Basil D’Souza at St. Peter’s Church, Barkur, was given the responsibility to lead since then, starting from historical Kallianpur. Lot many new young men joined the Pilar congregation and was actively involved in Milagres Church, College, High School students life, Church Choir, College Music Club etc., almost five years, and then posted to distant Agra – St. Mary’s Church, Pratap-pura as Parish Priest.

In the field of Music being a qualified Diploma holder of prestigious Trinity College, London, and U.K.:


Since childhood days he had a passion for Music, and in his own words, he admits being encouraged by Guru Fr. Peter Cardoza in making him a musician what he is today. He has directed more than a dozen Choir groups in Kallianpur, Udupi and Kundapur Varado Churches for special and great occasions. Now though he is in Goa, hundreds of music lovers trained by him and the general public who enjoyed his music, still remember with gratitude.  A master in playing Violin, Harmonium, Guitar, Accordion, etc, a perfect one in most of the popular, Western as well as Indian music and musical instruments.

As student of MSW and Lecturer at St. Aloysius Evening College, Mangalore:

Fr. Cyprian Henry believes God certainly has a plan for him, which is a clear sign in his appointments, and work style where He is the master to lead him. Various encounters with less privileged like scheduled castes during this time re-defined Christian values, and purpose of life. Let me quote from his one such message “ I learnt, while working for the needy and the poor gives meaning to life. Otherwise we have to earn meaning to life, which is any man’s earnest struggle. Money gives satisfaction momentarily but man craves for more and more. – Human wants are unlimited.”

As Director of ICYM Holy Redeemer Church, Derebail.

To be with youth is not a cakewalk – he always says, but prefers to be with them! He started ICYM unit of Kota, later was stationed at Derebail, while continuing his studies at St. Aloysius College, was actively involved with ICYM as Director. According to him, “It’s not lot what we do to youth matters but our gracious presence as a friend and counsellor who understands, make grumpy faces smile, appreciates the good work done, and given pat and also if need be cases straightened, but carefully utilising stick with due respect and poses value as means for human growth”. Today, Derebail Unit is one of the best units among almost 125 such units in the Diocese of Mangalore.

As Manager and Director Guardian Angel Institute of Hotel Mgmt. And Catering Technology, Curchorem, Goa.

It is said for the toughest and hardest work in the entire region of Southern Province of Pilar Fathers, Fr Cyprian was the best choice, and his past experience and knowledge will bring out the best in him. Recently he admitted, “It’s though not a joy to be here as it’s catering the rich and the elite, I will try to insert the poor and the needy to benefit out of it.”

Fr. Henry, not just a visionary, but also an intrepid and a silent worker in the vineyard of the Lord, now sowing the seed for the future welfare of the people, especially the Youth, as head of Institution in a place nicknamed as mother of Tourism Industry, “God’s Own Abode” - GOA.

As a columnist, a motivator and in mass communication world:

He believes in the words, “a drop of ink makes thousands think” – wish to cherish God given talent. He considers that God made him like a cassette, which can be inserted in any player and it will play the same.

For readers, the taste of his pen is well cherished. He writes with authority and conviction also hilarious. A popular name to organise seminars, retreats, religious gatherings, he is a gifted public speaker. His sermons on special occasions and feasts contain solid stuff to intellectuals, moral values and divine coating to laymen. His toast on social celebrations still remembered for vitality and variety. People seek his expert advice and counselling.

He successfully conducted various study camps at Manipal, Mangalore, Mysore and else where, in the field of mass communication, radio, social rehabilitation and visuals.

A man concerned for Barkur and his village Nagermutt and its progress:


A special character noticed in Rev. Fr. Henry is his love for his Village, where he was born and grown, as he proudly claims to be a Founder Member and an office bearer of Adarsh Youth Association established in the year 1980. Once a person grown and reached to such heights normally finds it difficult to look back. but in this helmet Nagermutt,    Fr. Henry is so popular with magnetic powers, as the youth surround him whenever he is around. He was seen motivating, encouraging, and supporting them and defacto advisor in social activities undertaken by this group over the past two decades.


Finally, I may be permitted to express my personal feelings to my next-door neighbour rose to great heights in education, fine arts, and socio-religious life;

We can witness in him a man of deep personal prayer, always recollected and peaceful, never did I see him at any moment losing his temper amidst his worries, responsibilities or pre-occupations. A patron of since its inception, we are very happy to have him as our director, and proud to honour him as Personality of the Month!!

 A man never expected to be in the limelight, instrumental in directing many silent revolutions, without craving for fame or credit, brought laurels and honours to his native town Barkur. Yes a big future is awaiting him, and now  we stand up and say with claps “Well done Rev. Father, spread the good-news of the Lord wherever you go, with Barkurian flavour!!”

May God work through this man more and more to help especially the ones in need.

On behalf of and ICYM Barkur Ex-Member’s Association,

P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat. 


Barkur, located in Udupi Taluk, Karnataka, India. 576 210

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