SVVN English Medium School Excels in Cricket and Ball Badminton, Students Shine at District and Inter Taluk Levels

-News and Pics Bridget Gonsalves

In a testament to the indomitable spirit of perseverance, the students of SVVN English Medium School have once again etched their names in the annals of sporting achievement. Displaying unwavering determination, these young athletes have brought laurels to their school by reaching division levels in cricket and ball badminton.

Among the standout performers, Ajay from standard 8 and Ayush from standard 7 stand tall. They clinched victory at the district level cricket match, earning themselves a well-deserved spot at the division level. Their dedication and skill on the field have set a remarkable example for their peers.

Ajay took on the role of captain for the Brahmavar Taluk U-14 boys cricket team in a high-stakes clash against the Udupi Taluk team during the Inter Taluk Schools cricket tournament. In a display of exceptional leadership and sporting prowess, his team emerged victorious, securing a resounding win. To cap off his stellar performance, Ajay was honored with the coveted "Man of the Match" trophy, a testament to his outstanding contribution to the game. The school community joined in celebration as Ajay's achievement echoed far and wide.

It was the turn of the school's under-14 girls' and boys' ball badminton teams to shine. They showcased their mettle in a fiercely contested inter taluk level competition held at Gangolli. With unmatched determination and skill, both teams clinched the top spot, earning the right to compete at the division level. Their remarkable achievement serves as a source of pride not only for the school but for the entire community.

These sporting events were impeccably organized by the Udupi District Panchayath and the DDPI, Udupi, underscoring the commitment of the local authorities to promote sports among the youth.

The school management, dedicated staff, and proud parents wholeheartedly congratulate Ajay, Ayush, and the entire under-14 ball badminton teams on their remarkable accomplishments along with their physical education teachers Mr. Suresh Shetty and Mrs. Jyothi who trained the students. With the unwavering support of their mentors and the encouragement of their loved ones, these young athletes are poised for even greater heights in the world of sports. The entire school community extends its best wishes to them for their future endeavors, confident that they will continue to excel and make their school proud.

In the spirit of the timeless adage, "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up," SVVN English Medium School's students have shown that with determination, talent, and relentless effort, they can conquer any challenge that comes their way, both on and off the field.

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