Full day of Bhajans at Ekanatheshwari Temple Barkur

-Anand Kumar Barkur

Today,  18/02/2020 is the full day of Bhajans at the Ekanatheshwari Temple,  Barkur as part of the ongoing festivities on the occasion of its second anniversary. As many as 20 teams  will be engaged in Bhajans from the Sunrise to Sunset. 

Tomorrow, on 19/02/2020 from 03.30 pm onwards Thamarasakoota,  Yakshagana Troupe of Shri Ekanatheshwari Temple will present Devasena Parinaya Yakshagana Prasanga which has won first place at the State level competition organized by Yakshasinchana Trust Bengaluru. 

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