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Now it is, at about 18 years back, in Bombay, the youngsters, in the just born St. Peter’s Catholic Youth Association – Barkur – Bombay, discussing in length – how to present a Social Play…the elite group primarily comprising those talented actors, even writers and in a way the Ex CYM members, known for presenting quality plays at Barkur, then at Bombay, had a dream to act on Bombay’s Stage!

‘United we can do this’- was the force driving us, and the President of the SPCYA Mr Lawrence A.Sequeira, was the motivator!

The plan was ready, the sub-committee of SPCYA, consisting erstwhile John Gonsalves, Treasurer, Vincent D’Almeida, Joint Secretary, Herald Sequeira, Cultural Secretary and few more… met Mr Henry D’Silva, Suratkal, the big name in Konkanni Drama field of those days…. He voluntarily comes out with 2/3 sets of proposals. In conclusion a deal was clinched…. and accordingly:

Mogachi Deswatt”- was the play selected to be presented at St.Mary’s Hall, Mazgaon on 2nd November 1986.

Out of total actors / actresses 50% roles to veterans like, Edwin Banz, Pintam, Derebail, Harryboy, Jessie D’Souza, Julie Vaz, Lawrie Pais….. etc and 50% young Barkurian’s.

Renowned dramatist / writer Mr Sunny A.D’Souza was convinced to direct this mixed Team!

Now the intra competition for roles, some 7 roles allocated for us, but some four times the aspirants, it was an exciting mood among all to find a berth - ultimately, it is Vincent Almeida, John F. Gonsalves, Herald Sequeira, Eric Carvalho, Divyanand and me got chances!  It was for a Doctor’s role, of couple of scenes the fight was… at the time we were favouring best in the lot, an unusual demand came from a new face, just introduced to our Association, “ I will do it” - let me confess, we agreed reluctantly, to offer that role to him and this person none other than Mr Harry William Fernandez, the shining star of Bollywood today! The super-success of this drama, not only brought SPCYA banner into limelight but also new faces into the Konkanni Stage!

A man who had love and attraction towards the cultural field, since then grown-up with maturity. A hardworking, who mastered the in and out of Marathi theatre, utilised the platform SPCYA, opportunity to come close to Sunny A.D’Souza, who later offered him a challenging role in “Kazara Upranth”.

The play was super-hit in Bombay as it was enacted at good many places, like, Mazgaon, Bandra, Borivali, Malad, Thane etc. I too had an opportunity to act as a typical Priest over here. Then the troupe went to Mangalore and shows were organised at Kundapur, Brahmmavar, Suratkal and even at the famous Don Bosco Hall, Mangalore.

The overall response to this play was simply great…. and almost all doing their best. Harry Fernandez made the role of villain fierce Dennis immortal!

It was a popular social theme, a story of a just married couple, moulded by Henry D’Silva, in an emotional chord, I still remember the straight forward, review, of critics like Melvyn Rodrigues, published in Poinnari Konkani Weekly, had a line of his observation, say a word of caution, for overacting! Of course as a piece of literature, the play may not contain solid substance to distinguish, its entertainment value and social effect, one cannot underestimate.

In the souvenir edited by famous Richie Pereira, Derebail, Mr Sunny A’D’Souza, rightly predicted, his protégé Harry Fernandez, will bring Navensav, new experiments, in Konkanni Theatre, and placed him just next to Mr.C.F.D’Costa, and Mr A.T.Lobo.

Thereafter formidable duo of Sunny and Harry floated the idea to bring the play in a Movie form and first ever Konkanni Video Film was produced under the banner of Kanarite Youth Association / Preston Enterprises!

Surely it was a proud privilege to act in sets, for me too, first ever experience to face camera, but this talented man Harry was around to boost each and everyone!

Here we realised, his love for stage, acting, in-depth knowledge of on and off screen tactics and directing. Many of his Marathi stage colleagues used to visit the sets and overheard the plans / dreams to do great things in life, at times we ridiculed and took them casually. With sheer determination, dedication and hard work, he proved us wrong!!

It is irony Konkanni Cultural field having restricted scope and lack of support in Bombay, drove him to concentrate in Marathi and Hindi language, today where he earned a name, fame, value and recognition for his talents!

A Barkurian, who worked hard to reach this stage of recognition to direct, popular television-serials, Hindi Movies in the tinsel world should be an encouragement to others to follow. Personally we feel proud in his achievements, the day will come Harry will catch the Scenic beauty of our Barkur in his Camera frame, may he introduce some talented faces of our natives to Hindi Cinema!

In these days most of you read of him in Magazines like Roopatara, Pedruchi Chavi - Dec 03 issue, and Divo Konkanni Weekly, extensively, hence will not repeat the same.

We wish Mr Fernandez a great success in this Film Industry, where best, luckiest and fittest only survive, let him bring out best from his stars, we all wish him all the best in his career!


P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat, 15th February 2004.


"Kya dil ne kaha" shooting at Austria with Esha Deol and Tushar Kapoor

Born in Hosala Barkur, to proud parents Mr William and Phelomena Fernandez.

Early Schooling at Mary knoll Hr.Primary School, Hosala Barkur up to Class 3

Migrated to Mumbai, and settled at Dahisar, to continue education in Marathi Medium, again from scratch, Class 1.

On completion of Class 12, Joined Central Railway Parel, as Apprentice in Electro-Mechanical field, later absorbed as full time worker and served for about 14 years.

15/08/1985 SPCYA was born at Bombay, under the President ship of Lawrence A.Sequeira, Harry enrols as Member.

The red letter day in the history of Barkurian’s – On 2/11/1986, First ever public Entertainment Programme by Barkurian’s – ‘Mogachi Deswatt’ - a social drama was presented a House Full Show and Harry makes his first appearance in Konkanni stage.

10/10/1987 – 20-11-1987 - Kazara Upranth written by Henry D’Silva, Suratkal, a social play - a run away success at Bombay and in April – May 1988 in Mangalore, almost 10 shows!

First ever Konkanni Video film Kazara Upranth produced by Preston Enterprises, released in December 1988 – Harry Fernandez its Associate Director, also acted in the film. 

Celebrating his son's birthday

Joins Rang Parag group, Marathi / Hindi plays – “Ami shalech Janner Naahin” main role, the “Bonsai, “Mogambo Kush Hua” - written and presented good number of times.

Contacts developed with Film star Govinda and get introduced to Cinematographer/ Director Lawrence D’Souza. learned and assisted him in the direction of films like – Maher, Nyay Anyay, Pratiksha, Giraftari, etc

With Amarish Puri

In 1991, worked with veterans like Laxmi kanth Berde, promoted to be associate director in ‘shame to shame’, ‘ek full char half’….  Marathi Cinema.

Produced by Sanjay Chel, “Dekh Tamasha Dekh”…Harry directed 26 episodes Tele-film for Sony T.V. a big success.

In 1999-2000 - Associate Director for Hindi Movies -  Kya Dil ne Kaha? & Yahoo……….

With Super Star Harithik Roshan

A new full-fledged Director for Bollywood  - as  “Aanjane” produced by Anil Mehta, the debut brings Harry to recognition. Story also written by Harry himself, staring Manisha Koirala, Sanjay Kapoor, Tejeshwini Kollahpure, Helen, Daisy Irani, etc.

With Sanjay Kapoor and others

With Manisha Koirala, heroine of Angarey


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