Bennekuru Bridge

The most awaited event is nearing for the citizens of Barkur, Pandeshwar and surrounding places. That is the Inauguration of the Bennekudru bridge, which is 'likely' to be scheduled on monday i.e. 10th Dec 2012





Facilitating the Annual Celebrations of the famous Sri Kulamahasthri Temple of Bennekudru i.e. on 15th 16th and 17th of Dec, and St. Peter's Church, Barkur i.e on 18th and 19th of Dec. People of Kudru, Pandeshwar, Sasthan strived every year to make it to the celebrations of both the places. They either had to cross the river through boats or had to take a round from Brahmavar, Barkur and then reach to the respective places. But this year they will just have to use the bridge for the same. So this year the participation of the people in the celebrations is likely to be more than usual.






Finishing works of the bridge are at place. Concrete roads are being constructed on the slopes of both the sides. The corners of the slopes as well as the parking place are strengthened using stones. People are impatiently looking forward for the inauguration of the bridge. Official announcement of the schedule of the inauguration is yet to be made.

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