New Leadership for Barkur Rotary Club

-Anand Kumar Barkur

BARKUR,  - In a significant development for the local community, the Barkur Rotary Club has announced its new leadership team for the upcoming term. Mr. Ganesh Shetty B has been elected as the new President, while Mr. H Ajith Kumar Shetty will serve as the Secretary, ushering in a new era of service and community engagement for the club.

The election of office bearers saw a blend of experienced members and fresh faces coming together to form a dynamic team. The newly elected committee includes U K Vasudev Shetty, Anand Shetty, K Babu Nayak, Harish Kundar, R Ratnakar Shetty, Ganesh Acharya, Raju Poojari, Sudhakar Rao, Kishore Shetty, Jayashree Shetty, Shrinivas Nettigar, Sathish Limin, Dr. Suresh Shetty, Prakash Tantri, A Ratnakar Shetty, Ratnakar Shetty B, and Seetaram S.

The new President, Mr. Ganesh Shetty B, brings a wealth of experience to his role. Known for organizing numerous events, including the famous Halasu Mela (Jackfruit Festival), he has made a name for himself along the coastal region. Mr. Shetty is the owner of Swadeshi Ayurveda Institution and serves as the coastal head of Sadguru Ayurveda Institution. His community involvement extends to being an organizer for Nammuru Barkur and the President of Bennekudru Ganesha Festival. As a young entrepreneur, he has been actively contributing to various social causes.

Mr. H Ajith Kumar Shetty, the newly elected Secretary, is also a prominent figure in the community. As an entrepreneur and organizer, he has been rendering valuable services to society. This new role provides him with an enhanced opportunity to serve the community through the Rotary platform.

The election of this young and dynamic team to lead the Barkur Rotary Club signifies a shift towards energetic and innovative leadership. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences are expected to bring fresh perspectives to the club's activities and initiatives.

The Barkur Rotary Club, known for its community service and social welfare activities, is looking forward to an eventful year ahead under the new leadership. The club has been instrumental in organizing health camps, educational support programs, and environmental initiatives in the past.

The installation ceremony for the new team is scheduled to take place next month, where they will officially take charge and outline their vision for the coming year. The local community and fellow Rotarians have extended their best wishes to the new team, looking forward to a year of impactful service and community development under their leadership.

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