NITI Heradi - Barkur Shines at Viveka Educational Institutions' Platinum Jubilee Exhibition in Kota

-News n Visuals Prof. Archibald Furtado 

In celebration of the historic Platinum Jubilee of Viveka Educational Institutions in Kota, a weeklong extravaganza has been organized, featuring a myriad of events. One of the highlights that captivated the attention of both youngsters and children was the extensive exhibition, delving into various aspects of social, economic, and cultural life, spanning both historical and contemporary perspectives.

The exhibition boasted participation from diverse entities, including educational institutions, traditional colleges, medical and engineering colleges, social platforms, and associations. Stalls were adorned with a plethora of informative displays, attracting a substantial number of enthusiastic visitors.

A notable standout among the displays was the stall set up by the National Industrial & Technical Institute of Barkur (NITI). The exhibit showcased the creativity and modern technical prowess of students, featuring a collection of intricate mechanical and electrical equipment designed and crafted by the budding engineers. This unique display became a focal point, drawing crowds with its interactive prototypes, miniatures, and models.

Visitors were treated to a fascinating array of exhibits, including materials that responded to clapping, illuminating lights, and an actual motor vehicle body. The latter provided an educational experience, elucidating the intricacies of the vehicle's gearbox, engine, brake system, lighting, air conditioning, and more. Remarkably, the stall proved particularly popular among women vehicle owners, with many expressing curiosity and spending considerable time exploring the technical nuances.

The NITI team, recently honored as the best technical institute in the state, earned accolades for their innovative presentation of talent and technical expertise. The success of the exhibition can be attributed to the dedicated efforts of the students, under the guidance of Principal Prof V. Kramadhari, the teaching staff, and trainers. Noteworthy was the unwavering enthusiasm of the young students who tirelessly explained the exhibits to visitors.

The exhibition left a lasting impression on the hundreds who attended, as they gained unique insights into the world of technical advancements and innovation. The credit goes not only to the host, Viveka Institutions, for providing this enriching opportunity but also to NITI, with its illustrious four-decade legacy since 1984, for a brilliant showcase of technical prowess, talent, and exceptional hospitality extended by the volunteers manning the stalls.

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