Reviving the Glorious Past: National Junior College Barkur's Initiative to Showcase Barkur's Rich History

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In a dedicated effort to resurrect the historical splendor of Barkur, National Junior College Barkur orchestrated a comprehensive one-day awareness program. Barkur, once the capital of Alupa rulers boasting 365 temples and numerous monuments, was the focal point of this initiative. The event, aimed at fostering awareness, a sense of belonging, and civic responsibility, unfolded on Thursday, December 7, 2023.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Shetty, retired Headmaster and current General Secretary of Barkur Educational Society, delivered the presidential address to enthusiastic Class X students from schools in and around Barkur. Notable participants included SVVN (Shri Vidyesha Vidyamanya National English Medium High School), Heradi Barkur, Maryknoll High School, and National High School.

The day commenced with visits to ten selected historical sites, including Chauli Kere, Jain Basadi’s, Kalchapra, Panchalingeshwara Temple, Moodukere Temple Complex, Kalikamba, St Peter Church, Kachhur Malthi Devi Shrine, Manik Dinar Mosque, and culminated at the Kula Mahastree Amma Temple in Benne Kudru. A warm welcome and a sumptuous lunch awaited the participants.

The afternoon session unfolded at 2:00 pm in the College Auditorium, where students presented a prayer song. Prof. U Kotraswamy, the Principal, extended a warm welcome to guests, including students and teachers from nearby high schools. Prof. Archibald Furtado, Administrative Coordinator of National Educational Institutions, delivered a series of short talks on Barkur's historical past and its current status, highlighting its significance as a center for higher education and a burgeoning tourist destination.

Retired Principal Mr. B Seetarama Shetty shared insightful anecdotes, urging students to take pride in Barkur's history and embody the virtues of their forefathers. Mrs. Prathima, Lecturer in History at NPUC, detailed the college's efforts in preserving and restoring historical articles, along with various educational programs and workshops.

Renowned historian Dr. Jagadeesh Shetty engaged the audience with a comprehensive presentation on Barkur's political, cultural, economic, and religious contributions over the centuries. Despite the challenge of condensing volumes of history into 30 minutes, he provided authentic proofs based on thorough studies of epigraphs, monuments, literature, and travelogues.

The event concluded with Mrs. Jyothi, Lecturer in the Department of Kannada, skillfully compeering the session, and Mrs. Hemavathy PS, the Headmistress of the National High School section, delivering the vote of thanks. The day left Class X students with a fun-filled learning experience, complete with snacks and tea, as they departed with cherished memories to their respective schools.

The teaching and non-teaching staff of PU and High School ensured the visiting students felt at home, creating a warm atmosphere in the National environment.

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