Sunita Lobo in her quest for gold Medal

Sunital Lobo 20 years of age speaks well innocently, aims for the gold medal in the Special Olympics which will be held in South Korea. If anyone asks her, Sunita what you are doing, she will answer ‘I will win gold’.

Currently she is at Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre in Pamboor, Udupi Taluk. Studying in 8th standard she also learns tailoring, sings with a sweet voice and also dances well and cannot make out that she is facing mental challenges.


Sunital Lobo


She has lost her father, her mother Helen Lobo is a resident of Barkur near Udupi. She has two brothers and two sisters. They are struggling with poverty. If Sunita was normal she could have supported her family. But with the mental challenges she is under the care of others.


She is the only candidate from Karnataka state selected for the national team to play floor hockey in the Special Olympics to be held from 29th January to 5th February 2013 in South Korea. In the 12 member team 4 players each from Delhi and Maharastra, 2 from Chandigarh and 1 each from Gujrath and Karnataka have been selected.


Sunital Lobo and her mother Helen Lobo


But for Sunita there is no floor hockey facility or trainer in Udupi. Seeing her interest in the sport the National Special Olympics committee has called her and has given training. She was trained in Bangalore and Simla and the 5 goals she hammered in the selection match in Delhi made her to get selected for the International team.


Now she is preparing herself to go to South Korea. But the financial problems are pulling her back. Already Manasa Centre has spent around Rs 20 thousands for her travel to Simla, Delhi etc. Now for her cloths, sports shoes, Visa, Passport all these will cost about rupees one lakhs. There is no chance of getting any help from the government. With the hope of help from the kind hearted persons she is looking forward to go for winning the Gold Medal for the country.



                                                          Remidia D’Souza                                                                 

Anyone willing to help her, may send or deposit their contributions to Sunita’s Bank account number 02382200017129 in Syndicate Bank, Shankarapura Branch.


For more information Manasa President Remidia D’Souza can be contacted in her mobile number 9880757880


From our organization 5 children have made great achievements in the National and International level. But the support, cash awards, site, employment which the winning normal sports persons get, is not being given to the special children. After they win the medal there will be honour and felicitation. But these children have to be sent there, that is not becoming possible for us. For this we need the help from the government and the community says Remidia D’Souza, President of Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre.



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