Tanya Pinto from Barkur crowned "Miss Teen Grand Mangaluru 2024"

-Eric Soans, Barkur 

The prestigious "Miss Teen Mangaluru 2024" beauty pageant concluded with a spectacular grand finale at the BMS Star Hotel in Mangaluru. Organized by the South Canara district administration, the event featured young talents from various regions vying for the coveted title.

Spanning four days from May 23rd to 26th, the competition showcased contestants from diverse backgrounds who demonstrated their poise, intelligence, and charisma in rounds that included talent, evening wear, and question-answer sessions.

Six finalists stood out with their grace, confidence, and stage presence, making the judges' task challenging. On May 26th, the grand finale captivated the audience with dazzling talent displays, mesmerizing dance performances, soulful music, and thought-provoking speeches.

After rigorous evaluation, Risha Tanya Pinto was crowned "Miss Teen Grand Mangaluru 2024." Her elegance, intelligence, and dedication to social causes impressed both the judges and the audience. Tanya, daughter of Reshma and Maxi Pinto from Hanehalli Barkur, marked her journey with hard work and a passion for positive impact. Tanya, who delivered a remarkable performance, was recognized as the runner-up, narrowly missing the title by a few points.

The "Miss Teen Mangaluru" pageant not only celebrates beauty but also highlights the importance of education, talent, and social responsibility, providing a platform for young women to showcase their multifaceted abilities and contribute to their communities.

Upon receiving the crown, Tanya Pinto expressed her gratitude and commitment to using her platform for meaningful initiatives. Her journey from a small village to the ground stage of "Miss Teen Mangaluru" serves as an inspiration to young women across the region.

The event concluded with a promise of continued support for youth empowerment and community development, ensuring that the legacy of "Miss Teen Mangaluru" continues to nurture the dreams of future leaders.

For more information, visit the official [Miss Teen Mangaluru website](https://www.missteenmangaluru.com/)

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