Haladi Shrinivasa Shetty

Nicknamed, rather popularly known as ‘Vajpayee of Kundapur’, Halady Srinivas Shetty is a born leader. Till the other day he was our respected MLA. His leadership qualities were well known from his school and college days. In these days of corrupted political sphere, HSS is rare breed of assertive leader who will not compromise on values, righteousness and self respect.

About some four years back we wrote an article in Barkur-on-line pages, on the eve of Assembly elections, titled ‘Its JP Hegde vs. HS Shetty in Kundapur’ A man who scored over a personality like J.P.Hegde by 19,000 plus popular votes, and romped home for the consecutive third time, to be an MLA, definitely had something unique, to his credit.



By virtue of his records, he would have been a Minister long back; at least once BJP formed its first Government in Karnataka. We the Barkurians, come to know him in the recent past, since Barkur was a part of erstwhile Brahammavar assembly constituency, till 2008, which got disappeared in the realignment process and got distributed with the existing Udupi, Karkala, Byndoor and a major part with present Kundapur. Only once I met him, rather just shook hands with him during a small function at Kundapur, with my brother-in-law, who was a College time friend of Mr. Shetty.  But astonished me was his simplicity, concern and compassionate way of conversing the people those hardly bothered to see whether the occasion was a right one to bring their grievances to their leader’s notice! Amazing patience, going deep to the problem and understanding the pulse of the suffering were the great qualities in HSS.


To the best we can understand, the only one leader in undivided South Kanara who can mobilize thousands of committed people in a short notice without spending a penny or hiring people….. He values human relations with compassion and love. We need leaders like him who values human relation, not money, religion, caste and creed.


HSS is a hero in the eyes of every young heart, who values truthfulness in life, he reached greater heights when he refused to continue as an MLA when he felt not only he, but his electorate got insulted. Never craved for positions either in the Party or in the Government, it was the initiative of the higher-ups to offer him Ministerial post considering his seniority, goodwill and track record.  Last moment change of mind by the vested interest groups, hurt HSS and so to his followers, beyond their party affiliations.


By the way it is not our concern to discuss these issues here, but feel, we missed the privilege to be represented by Minister in Halady Srinivas Shetty, after J.P Hegde in 90’s, who was Minister for Fisheries and Ports…..


There are various hearsay stories as well as real incidents attributed to HSS as a true leader more than that a social worker, a friend in need…. He has spent his personal money, sold even his ancestral properties to adjust money to spend during elections. His clean and spotless image is an asset to any party he belongs to. A practical man resolved many a family disputes in the locality, saving the time and money otherwise spent on never ending court cases. He was openly offered bribes but sent them back disappointed.


Among other things, it was also a fact that, Govt. College at Shankernarayana is his dream institution and contributed for the progress of Sharada First Grade College, Basrur.


Today, no doubt, he is swimming across the current, which is difficult and tiresome. But the values he stood for is a ray of hope, politics still not the field left to unworthy people. The more HSS come out and do good to the needy ones, the more your heart will be purified and Almighty’s power will be in them.


We the Barkur-on-line team anxiously anticipating to portray Mr. Halady Srinivas Shetty as its Personality of the Month, especially on his elevation to be a Minister in the Karnataka Government this time and our desire like thousands of his well wishers didn’t materialized. To a man of his repute, definitely no position hardly matter……!


Long way to go Mr. Shetty and you will continue to lead from the front and all right thinking, progress oriented people will be your supporters both in public and much more of them in private.


With all respects to a man of self respect and spotless image in public life, a rare human being, who emphasized oneness of all religion, in day today life,  a politician wanted the political authority to be based on moral considerations and principles, we wish him all the very best in his future endeavors…………….


On behalf of Barkur-online Team,     


P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat – 23rd July, 2012.

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