Late Herald Sequeira

A life lived for others than self, in fond remembrance of….


A founder member of CYM Barkur, when he was just 13 of teenage years in 1976, (its founder director, at present the Bishop of Bellary Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Henry D’Souza) and since then, was so closely, passionately and actively associated with it for the next 15 years, being its office bearer in different capacities ranging Cultural Secretary to President……… then moving to Bombay, here too playing a pivotal role, hand in hand with other like minded people, in mobilizing youth force to come together 1984 to 1988 and to form SPCYA  (St. Peter’s Catholic Youth Association Barkur – Mumbai) in 1985 followed  till the foundation of today’s giant Barkurian SPA (St. Peter’s Association Barkur - Mumbai) way back on 17th April, 1988.

In short about Family and early days:


Japkalikudru, fertile and fortunate to give birth to great Sequiera’s of yester years. One of them was legendary Victor Sequeira (& Theresa Sequiera.) For the present generation it’s a story that he being a known tailor in Mumbai was one of the leading figures in Barkurian Association of Bombay. Later on moving to natives, was actively involved in St. Peters Association Barkur Church. His also an untimely death. Probably, that unfortunate demise of their father left non-erasable imprints in the career of Harry and his elder brother Lawrie.

Both inherited great qualities of parents – leadership, courage, sportsmanship, helping nature, cooking tricks for masses from their mother, innovative and concern for fellow brethren………

It’s just an opinion, if their Papa was alive to guide the budding sons, another few years, the history would have been different. Its said father is a father mom is mom. To play   either both roles to any mother on earth, it’s just impossible. The pet children stopped their education halfway……………..a point both brothers shared with us at later years in their life.

Nevertheless, both ‘Sequeira Brothers’ left behind great memories. Is it a divine providence or a co-incidence both breathed their last at the age of 48..!?


Golden years of CYM Barkur:

Its goes without saying, the CYM days under Fr. Patrick Rodrigues (presently the Director of Fr. Muller’s Chartable Institutions, Kankanady, Mangalore) were the golden years in the 35 years history of CYM Barkur. Those three great years marked by lot of activities, almost each month there used to be some big event – social, religious or cultural. Not to elaborate, just one example, it’s a un breakable record – as many as 15 plays were enacted on Barkur stage and Harry was one of the popular performers or participants. His role behind the screen also equally significant.


He was a versatile actor in comic roles. But I have recognized his talents in serious and character roles in Tisri Chit a social drama written by Late Wilfy Rebimbus, as Lia, a emotional man craving for love affection and recognition…….In real life too, he used to like and love people un conditionally…….and expected others to reciprocate.

 Fine the Barkurian’s by and large recollect his characters in Mogachi Deswatt, Main Kain Asai, Shirapachi Shirant, Kaloka thavn Uzwadak, Molbavaili Divti, Ekach Rookachin Phollan, Toonch Mojen Jeevith, Kazarachi Dotorn, Kainsar Asa Bachavi, Tisri-baail to mention a few…………its worth a mention that in later years he directed good number of plays for CYM.

It’s a wonderful experience to share the stage with him and me too fortunate to act in most of the above plays, with Harry.

Mastermind for the success of CYM Decennial Celebrations:

December1987 must be the year for Harry to be at the peak of his fame. The CYM of Barkur under Hearld D’Souza and Ivan Gonsalves left no stone un turned to make the event historical one and it was truly so……the sky kissing tallest arrecanut tree planted at the centre of the Church compound, the three days religious, social and cultural events……all had a touch of Harry’s hands. It was his magnetic personality, indeed a wonderful motivator used to attract younger ones around him. Though he was in Bombay, managed us to hire a luxury Bus exclusively for the convenience of Barkurian’s to land in Barkur.


The second day cultural event the super hit play written by Henry D’Silva suratkal was enacted in the presence of record audience and the Harry was an overnight hero with his role Butler Bosthu. He had the privilege to perform in the same play in Bombay at St. Mary’s Hall Mazgaon.

History repeated when the CYM celebrated Silver Jubilee on a grand scale in Dec. 2002, under stewardship of the then President Ms. Divya Furtado, yes Harry was playing an advisory role to guide the celebrations take place with all dignity and showmanship.

As an innovative farmer, businessman & social worker:

Back home, they were landlords, had vast paddy fields both in Hosala and Pandeshwar. We have seen Harry plough in these fields. He had natural love for flora and fauna and experimented innovative skills in farms, understand he was a speaker in Agro-conferences held at Brahmmavar. He was an expert swimmer and an equally good fish catcher using both traditional and modern methods. He had a passion for Kambala and won various prizes for his pet buffalo pair.

His was a generous heart I still remember – in the year 1982 September; on a chilled rainy day we had a Cycle picnic to Mandarthi. Tired and hungry resting near a place with rocks. Suddenly, Harry sprang a surprise with almost 4kg of hot snacks (Guddi Bhatta’s fort view, near NJC,) gatti baje, the Hotel’s day’s full quota he bought for us….. There are innumerable incidents where he exhibited largesse to the contentment of the surrounding, spending from his pocket.

The later years and deteriorating health:

Probably, his elder brother’s untimely demise had a painful impact on Harry’s own and literally he kept a low profile thereafter. About an year ago, he was admitted in Baliga Hospital, though not keeping well, was spontaneous in cracking jokes – my wife was supervising the practical’s of Nursing students, this man cautioning not to leave young students near young patients! When reminded of his health condition – his reply was in lighter vein, I am alright, just here to oversee how the new hospital is functioning!!

One could easily notice the sad reality of Harry, hiding under veil of artificial smile, he was anticipating a pre-matured departure from this world………..For a man who loved and admired by masses, the Sunday the 25th July 2010 had a sad reality to intimate them Harry is no more! The nature too weeping with rainy tears…..for a person who loved her.

There was none in Barkur or in the surrounding unknown to him. Scores gathered to pay their last respects in evidence to his popularity. On 30th July, 2010 his mortal remains cremated in the same place where his parents and elder brother Lawrie taking rest in peace.  It must be divine providence; I had the privilege to have last glimpse at the man who was so active in the same Church compound for last 3 decades with his trademark smile and heart and soul participation.


Multifaceted Harry always remembered by every household in Barkur. Its his organizing skills at weddings pendal of yester years, normally used to held at homes – from cooking to decoration, brass band to procession, let it be the annual parish feast or the X’Mas tree and crib or star…..everyone, young and old have their own versions of stories associated with Harry’s links. The elder one Lawrie a leader of class and the younger one Harry the leader of masses will always be the part of history of Barkur.

Sequeira’s you should feel proud in having such gems in your clan, sisters of these great brothers must be cherishing good old memories…..wife of Harry, Sharmila might had the company of her husband for a short span but it is always a treasure to preserve for life time and his son Shawn, once grows up, will be reminded to be a descendent of a great life and a legacy lived for others more than self.

We humbly pray to Almighty to grant eternal rest to the departed soul and solace to the bereaved family members.

On behalf of Barkur-on-line Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,

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