Morvine Quadras, A star is in the making


That nobleman at the Bennekudru Temple annual festival, in December 1992, rightly predicted now some 20 years ago, when he saw a boy at his tender age of just five, dancing to the Hindi Film tunes on that pleasant evening, that ‘one day this boy will bring glory to his parents and this place, and reach to the heights of name and fame…...’ That ‘cash prize’ from his hands is the beginning of the saga of a great achievements, innumerable gifts, certificates and trophies, now found place in the showcases in his home at Barkur and Muscat, startles any visitor at once, that too…..  at this young age of just 25……!!



Born as the eldest son of Mr. Edward and Monica Quadras, on 17th May, 1987, in a historical town of Barkur, Morvine was a child protégé and a fearless stage performer, since childhood.
He had a passion for singing and a permanent member of Barkur Church Choir and over the years, developed the God given gift in singing, to near perfection. 
Once finished, primary schooling at Mary knoll Hr. Primary and Mary knoll High School, at native Barkur and his PUC studies in SMS Junior College Brahmmavar, went to Mangalore to join St. Joseph’s Engineering College, from where he obtained his B.E (Bachelor in Engineering in electrical and HVAC), with a First Class.
At present he is serving in the prestigious business group, in the Sultanate of Oman, M/s. Khimji Ramdas as ‘Sales Engineer’ for their Air conditioning and Cooling Systems Division...
Morvine’s is a handsome, attractive personality, and he mesmerizes and entertains the audience both by his lively presentation and performances.
The voyage to Gulf Voice of Mangalore:
Young Engineer, landed in Oman in 2009, where his father, Edward Quadrus is serving for the last 30 years, that Friday night of 21st September, 2012 will be written in golden letters in the life of both father & son, as the loud announcement of ‘Konkani Mangalorean Voice in Oman’ declared, midst of an unending round of applause. The crazy music lovers / audience stunned for a moment, when the Winner Morvine Quadrus took the mike, to dedicate the Trophy to his parents and requested his Daddy to be on dais to receive the glittering Trophy!! 
What a proud moment of life!! ‘Tuzo Sangath Zai’ – originally sung by Adolph Jaya Tilak in the CD Album ‘Shetha Merer’, (lyric by Lloyd Rego, music composed by Roshan Anjelore) has become an sensational all time hit….!!
It was a tough journey - hard work and practice. We the Barkurians were at our toes to cherish the great moments……first time our own Barkurian youngster Morvine hitting the headlines in the world media…..
Below are some glimpses in short of his manifold contributions at this young age of just 25….!!
We are living in a world, that often looks for complicated ways to say simple things, Morvine made a perfect choice to sing them, dance to those tunes with matching expressions on his face and body movements…..
 . Sung “Alleluia” in Eric’Soans - Tururututu and Entrance hymn in “viole vine”  
 . Won various Prizes and Trophies in singing competition in School and College. 
 . Founder president of YCS Barkur church.
 . Active member of “The Expressions” and performed at Barkur, Brahmmavar and Mumbai.
 . Member of the Barkur Church Choir lead by Eric Soans, which won 3rd Place in the Diocesan Competitions, conducted by Sandesha Mangalore.
 .Recipient of 2nd Place in the TIARA State Level Filmy Dance competitions, held at St. Joseph’s Engineering College, Mangalore.
 . Served in ICYM Barkur as office bearer during its Silver Jubilee year 2002.
 . Won the title “Muscat Kogul 2011” in MCCP Singing competition & 2nd place in group song too.
 . Active member of “Ghala” and “Ruwi” church choir group.
 . Performed Solo and Group songs in “Ghala Montifest” Musical show in 2011 & 2012.
It is apt to recall here, during his College years – 2007 - 08, VTU, (Vishveshwarayya Technical University) having 300 odd affiliated Engineering Colleges, organized 9th Karnataka State Level, Inter-collegiate Youth Festival cultural competitions held at Tumkur, under the aegis of Siddaganga Engineering College and St. Joseph’s Engineering College, Mangalore, stood V in the Ranking, for the dance (Coorgi folklore) and among top 10 in Singing,  in both the versions Morvine was also a troupe member…definitely a big achievement...where there were around 250 teams participated, in an extravaganza of cultural display lasted for  4 days – i.e. 24th October to 27th October 2007.It’s very interesting to note here, our own Barkurian Anson Dias, also a classmate of Morvine, who was on key board, during these competitions. 
The main attraction in the Live Band Aria Oman: 
Performing in their  own band called “Band Aria” with professional guitarist Mr. Robert D’Souza’ from Karvar (Qualified from Los Angeles Music Academy-L.A.M.A America ) who had given musical tunes to Bollywood, Kannada and Konkani songs and Keyboardist Mr. Zino Saldanha from Chikmagalore,  performing various functions at Muscat. Ms. Astrin D’Silva, another semi finalist, with a nightingale voice, also a band team member, is the popular partner for duets.
Morvine, chases thrill, while performing and now the Band Aria has become an integral part of parties and get together, in Muscat. We have attended few such events where, their troupe rightly converts the atmosphere vibrant…. He sings, in many languages at equal ease – Konkani, Hindi, Kannada, Tulu…….Here in Oman, he made some songs of Kevin Misquit and others, immortal with his melodious voice…..!
Best wishes to Morvine the likely Gulf Voice of Mangalore:
Now Morvine holds the title of ‘Konkani Voice of Oman 2012’ as he qualified for the GVOM Finals to be held in Doha – Qatar on 19th October, 2012, as a hot favorite. Yes, he is heading for a tough competition ahead. Barkurian’s auspicious blessings, he carries with him.
Talk of the town and the experts opinion is, if he gives a performance equal to that in semi finals, held in Muscat on 21st September, 2012, he will have an edge over commons…..ultimately its days outcome and let’s hope, a bit of luck smile upon him…..Some says, astrology interprets the stars, following the principle of ‘as above, so below…’.our confidence is Morvine will not disappoint his large fan following in Muscat and in Barkur.
Morvine the humble man has many names and organizations to give credit for his success thus far…….Support and encouragement by parents, lone sister Edna and Brother in-law Anup D’Silva always come first from his heart. Long way to go. He tasted success at initial stage. 
With tons of best wishes and Almighty’s Blessing to perform well in the forthcoming Finals at Doha on 19th October, 2012, we conclude these few lines with an assurance to write again…..
On behalf of Barkur-online Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,
P. Archibald Furtado, 2nd October, 2012. - furtadoarchibald@hotmail.com


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