The Expressions

The Expressions – a colorful decade of purposeful existence…..

The Expressions, today a reservoir of enormous goodwill, a popular banner, an household name in the eyes of art lovers, in this northern part of the Diocese of Mangalore and a wonderful platform to provide an opportunity to demonstrate the talents of Members…. and in others as well, to the society, as it was formed to serve and support the members to exhibit best in them, with excellence and dedication, thereby contributing for the mutual growth, recognition and development.

First of all we congratulate everyone involved since its birth, its continuance and now completing 10 great years, with no controversy attached to its performance and functioning, as it is evident, most of the key personalities who conceived this group, way back in 1999, are still there to be involved and very active…. but also the new blood, young talents and matured too have been offered larger role to play, depending upon the call of the day and occasion.

Barkur the historical place, once was a cultural and political nerve centre. Most importantly people here, and around like, Sastan & Brahmmavar, voluntarily come out to encourage both time tested cultural events… and new experiments -  may it be drama, dance or musical nites……and ‘TheExpression’ sponsored events always at premium  to be - punctual, class and worthy to spend few hours, once a year outside, and a matter to cherish the event for the rest of the year, in these modern days of everybody’s busy schedules…..because  ready entertainment at home, with TV, and videos….hard to miss chain of melodrama serials of choice etc. hardly convince to people come out……!

In short, Expressions win over the hearts of people at large and reacted sensitively, judging its pulse, by giving best in all their entertainment shows literally to their tastes and preferences……..

It all started in 1999, pooling Members own energies, resources and relations - a stage was set to entertain and thereby get recognized. May be the artists in the founding members…. or the organizing skills in few others….or just motivation to be in the limelight in the company of elite and known faces in the society, must be the driving force to give it a shape of an Association, under the dynamic leadership of Kishore Gonsalves as its founder President, and the following…… as other members of the Executive Council:

Vice President         Stephen B Lewis

Secretary                Eric Soans

Jt. Secretary            Greta Picardo

Cultural Secretary    Alwyn Andrade

Treasurer                Patricia D Almeida

PRO                        Praveen Carvalho

The ball was set to roll, with some 30 Members, got inaugurated in the hands of Rev. Fr. Benjamin D’Souza, the then Vicar of Barkur Church on 14th November, 1999, during a glittering ceremony, at parish grounds.

The following are just a glimpse at few special events come out over a period, and more importantly well remembered by those who had the opportunity to witness all or few of them.

a)   Debut Programme on December 3rd 2000 ‘Expressions 2000’ on Mary knoll High school ground is a runaway success! Rev Denis D'Sa, then Director Sandesha, Mangalore was the chief guest

b)   Then mega events like ‘Sambhram’, ‘Expressions 2005’, ‘Moagachi Aaproop Ghodi’ at Barkur and Mumbai were highly successful and still cherished

c)    Event organizer for ‘Karaval Milan Wilfy Nite’ at Makkala Mantapa, Brahmmavar.

d)   Organized ‘The Expressions Wilson Olivera Silver Jubilee Nite’ at the same venue along with St Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Youth Association.

e)   New experiment - ‘Tuvvi Tuvvi’ a programmed from and for children which was a roaring hit

f)    Presented  the show of ‘Dubai Huduga’  a popular Kannada play by Alwyn Andrade

g)   Organized a workshop on Personality Development through Public Speaking with internationally renowned toast master Ronnie Olivera

h)   A special seminar on Journalism with Richie Lasrado and Raviraj Valalambe

i)     Honored and recognized many talented personalities at and around the locality and outside over the decade.

The Decennial Celebrations in December 2009.

Now with completion the triumphant decade, it’s the time for celebrations. All of us are invited to witness the unfolding of  “Expressions 2009”,  a gala evening of fun and frolic, a celebration of a decade of  music, dance and skits on 20th December 2009 at 05.30 pm at spacious “Makkala Mantapa”, SMS P.U. College Brahmavara to be presided over by Rt. Rev. Dr. Henry D’Souza, Bishop of Bellary. The President Mr. Richard Carvalho and the Members of St. Peter’s Association (Barkur) Mumbai are the chief guests along with other dignitaries

Some personal observations:

Today it rightly feel proud of themselves – as ‘The Expressions’  responsiveness and consistency in organizing diversified entertainment programmed, with professional touch, and creating lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with each other, with public, and similar organizations, made it unique and special in this surroundings – i.e. Barkur and Brahmmavar. Over the years, I have seen in them as they committed to integrity, quality and fair play both in mobilizing resources and utilizing it and reaching to the masses…..with attractive packages, with nominal or free of cost. Yet another feature I noticed in the group – most of them are once members of popular CYM of Barkur, must have inherited surely little from the movement. Event management qualities of some members, not prepared to compromise with quality, couple of times astonished even me….! Another startling revelations - neither discrimination nor preference over caste, religion, and place - only yardstick is one’s talent and merit.

Just few words – the present Office Bearers:

Right at the moment, the group is well lead by talented Allwyn Andrade, once my neighbor, at Nagermutt, who had scripted lot many plays, jokes to his credit, both in Kannada & Konkani. Moreover he is an excellent performer and organizer, since the very inception. However, in any Association it’s the Team, primarily responsible for its success…..and here he have popular past Presidents, in Kishore Gonsalves, Praveen Carvalho, Denis Rodrigues…..other experienced leaders and professionals… and versatile and famous artists, in Eric Soans, Naveen D’Souza, Stenita Lewis….. to extend him a helping hand and boost him to lead from the front to try innovative ideas……In one sentence, the Executive Council, is a wonderful mix of age and energy.

Plans for future:

The Expressions is a perfect example for quality entertainment, a name earned by sheer hard work, over the years. That’s why, today a most sought event management team by artists and Associations, in the locality to stage their shows, as they are sure of 100% success, to be a house full celebration.

By the way, as Expressions a platform, thus far organized little more than a dozen mega events, but most of these core members are the visible faces elsewhere too – Choir of Barkur, bringing out CD’s of hymns, volunteering Konkani Kavita Feast, other social work to mobilize people for constructing roads, involving in support to educational institutions, supporting people in need and so on so forth…….the team like flowing stream of fresh water, hence have a reason to expand the horizons further….and I am sure we will hear about more such yeomen service in coming years……


It is a fact, people once actively involved in art,  during youthful days back home, who left the place in search of employment and earning, visiting natives are very much attracted towards the quality shows arranged by Expressions…..There are innumerable well wishers not only at natives but in abroad. One proof to substantiate this statement – Video cassettes, CD’s of many of Expressions shows are rotating hands and homes in Gulf even now!

Let the Decennial year celebrations give the Expressions both an opportunity and strength to re-define their goals, in the form of more regular cultural programmed, at least twice in a year, let them think on publishing a yearly book…..and be a trusted name synonymous with art and culture in Barkur, in the District and around……

With best wishes,

On behalf of Barkur-on-line Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,

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