Adieus to Fr. Aranha and Warm welcome to Fr. Alban D'Souza.

‘Barkur parish’ having a colorful history of almost 150 long years, had the privilege to be served by great priests in the past, who were mainly responsible to keep the Catholic faith live, responded to the needy……….especially till the last decade, provided best of the elementary education through its famous Mary knoll School in the locality.

Of course each and every household grateful to all of them who served in the past….., now in heavenly abode,  served here few years ago and now serving elsewhere, also those great priests rose to great heights in recognition and authority… but we are fortunate ones to be served by them once upon a time….!





The Diocese had adopted a policy of seven years of service in a particular parish in late 70’s and earlier our parish had an exceptional stay of more than 14 years of service in V. Rev. Monsignor Denis Jerome D’Souza and V.Rev. Aloysius Rosario……


The day has come; our charismatic Vicar Rev. Fr. Remigious Aranha has to leave Barkur after a wonderful stint of seven long years….now to be Vicar vara of Pezar varado, yet another historical Church in the Diocese, on 31st May 2011. The legacies left behind by this attractive personality will be preserved for years to come, and most importantly the two visible structures, viz. the ‘Community Hall’ and the newly shaped Entrance Gate remind anyone of the mastermind behind its execution.

Each one of the parishner, young and old may have his / her rendezvous experience with the no nonsense, devout, known for short and sweet conversations, during their visit to Church Office………..In fact, many of us fascinated by his time sense, punctuality and un biased approach with haves and have not’s…..also short to the point sermons………….


All of us thank him and wish all the very best in his new assignment as the Vicar Vara of Pezar.


Rev. Fr. Alban D’Souza is a known name to us in Gulf, not long ago but last February, 2011; he was here to give us a Konkani Retreat in Muscat. We personally heard him and his commanding voice, vast knowledge of Holy Scriptures; real life examples to prove his point were amazing. Truly none of Barkurian’s here thought at that time; one day he will be our Vicar…..!! It’s now a proud feeling. Probably he is the youngest Parish Priest  Barkur ever had!! Just – 12 years of priesthood (ordained in the year 1999)


Fr. Alban, hails from jasmine fame Shankarapura/Pangla, after ordination served earlier in Cordell/Kulshekar. His recent Seven years in Apostle St. Jude Thaddeus at Pakshikere was well-known.


Rev. Fr. Alban D’Souza, had commendable achievements to his credit, and the locals proudly remember him as the ‘Architect of Modern Pakshikere”, which celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2010 – 50th Year of formation.


Though the Church here served by as many as a dozen priests earlier, most of them were here just for a couple of years…. baring the Rev. Fr. Stanley R. Pereira, Fr. Andrew Lewis and popular Fr. Basil Vaz who were here for more than seven years, and it’s the last seven years of Fr. Alban, fondly admired by the locals, for many reasons - to convert Pakshikere as pilgrimage destination with all round development, facilities and manifold progress.……..!


Arrival to Barkur to be the Parish Priest of St. Peter’s Church:




It’s more of a blessing to Barkurians as the year 2011 is the 150th Jubilee Year of the parish (the Barkur as an independent parish was formed on 29th April, 1861)


Once Barkur was a big parish with 300 families, in 60’s and 70’s. Of course numbers might have increased but population gone down drastically with small families, with elderly and lonely one member households etc. The new priest may have fewer responsibilities, compared to his earlier busy parish, with schools, hostels, daily pilgrims and so on…….but average expectations of Barkurians are very high?


Fr. Alban being a popular preacher, we are looking for his educative sermons in days to come, to be nearer to Almighty. Its time to give a thought to the revival of the idea of a Chapel near Heradi or Dharma sale………Efforts to be made towards starting a new English Medium Primary School……


Moreover, as mentioned earlier, post Centenary Golden Jubilee i.e.150th year of the parish 2011, is once a life time occasion to come, lets hope, will take a grate shape in his hands… ..other day, one of my colleagues talking about 2013, the Silver Jubilee year of SPA Mumbai…’Pedruchi Chavi’ may be reactivated to be a more frequent publication, also its our wish that ‘Barkur-on-line’ pages may be utilized more to write a page or two in once well sought Vicar Speaks pages………….just to mention few…!


Let’s not be in a hurry, let the new Parish Priest, settle down first to the new surrounding, by nature he is not a person to keep quiet, hence there is nothing wrong to expect a change….. and take this opportunity to wish him happy and healthy stay at our Barkur……….!!!


On behalf of Barkur-online Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-members Association,


P. Archibald Furtado, 03/06/2011.

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