-Prof.P.Archibald Furtado


Fr Valerian Mendonca's towering personality, handsome looks, and immaculate smile exuded a magnetic attraction. Whether at the Holy Altar of God, in the classroom, pulpit, on any public stage, in the Principal's cabin, or his parish office, he always carried himself with dignity, decorum, and grace. His neatness and warm accommodation of visitors were truly divine.

Meeting Fr Valerian was a unique experience. His beautiful smile put people at ease, encouraging them to open up freely. The lifeless mortal remains of Very Rev Fr Valerian Mendonca evoke pleasant memories of his company over the years. As a student, parishioner, well-wisher, counselor, and family friend, thousands have innumerable experiences to cherish. All who encountered him were undoubtedly influenced, encouraged, and motivated.

In social gatherings and family celebrations, he recognized and greeted everyone, often noticing the elderly in the audience. Before they could seek his blessings, he would hold their hands, whispering, "Please keep me in your prayers."

It's astonishing to have had such a gentleman, holy man, and helpful person among us until July 3, 2024. He breathed his last on duty at the feet of Mother Milagres, likely his first love, leaving a void no one can fill.

Though Fr Valerian served in many churches and colleges in the Dioceses of Mangalore and Udupi, including Barkur from 2012-2017, he had a unique place for Milagrians. His association with Milagres spanned over two decades, including roles as Assistant Priest, Lecturer, Vice Principal, Principal, Rector, Parish Priest, and Correspondent of Milagrian Educational Institutions. These 22 years were undoubtedly the most fruitful of his life. His final rites on Monday, July 8th, and his burial place at Milagres will offer peace and solace to all.

Fr Valerian led an intense life of prayer and was a reservoir of rare talents - a man of letters, musician, composer, professor of English, administrator, and public speaker. He used his gifts to praise the Lord through hymns, sermons, teaching, preaching, and the distribution of Sacraments. His life, as we knew it, was holy and spotless.

As we come to terms with his physical absence, we thank the Lord for sending Fr Valerian - a true pastor who touched, blessed, and taught thousands. He was truly a saintly priest of our time.

May the Almighty Lord grant him eternal peace in heaven and give strength to all - students, teachers, parishioners, friends, family, and relatives - to bear this grief and sorrow.

-Prof.P.Archibald Furtado


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