Just few words on Kevin Misquith and his THEMBE THEMBE

Just few words on Kevin Misquith and his




For many like me, Wilfy Rebimbus and his songs – earlier in Cassettes and later in CDs now like relics, at the time of their releases used to evoke tremendous curiosity and expectations. There are many passionate lovers or his fans who can score100/100 in the event of conducting a quiz asking what song in which volume!!!


Still there are very few who can just be compared with him, in Konkani musical world…..that too can only be weighed from one angle or so… and it is unique distinction that Wilfy stand, all time tall - the ‘King of Konkani Songs’….We really miss him and his songs as well…..


Thirst of new and good songs is satiated by new comers to a certain extent – few here and there are good …..a big lot live for a short time and many such lyrics and CDs were forgotten within days / week’s. The recent release of ‘Thembe Thembe’ is an exception.



It’s a different attempt – some 10 – 12 songs with music, composed by Kevin and lyrics by all different youngsters were chosen to reach target audience of youth, but it is a great surprise the CD is a super-hit with all age groups today!!


Personally when I heard one of the song ‘Kenna Kenna’ in the voice of Morvine Quadros, few months back, which later deservedly won him the best solo singer award in Muscat, we realized a literary worth in it. This prompted me to buy the ‘Thembe Thembe’ during the live singing programme, ‘UTSAV’ held in Muscat on 27th April, 2012 in Muscat.




No doubt, ‘Kevin Misquith’ was an instant hit with youth in that auditorium on that day. May be partly because of its fast music and melodious voice, his presentation skill, involving the listeners in the Hall….!Very frankly, I found it difficult to follow the lyric or the beauty of the Konkani words in other two songs he selected for the evening, than ‘Kenna Kenna’ which was already familiar. Good music hardly had any language barrier and Kevin given it and the same well received.


This is not an attempt to evaluate the CD as whole, but it’s my first impression, I like to share, on a new talent, who won over our hearts at one stroke….


Coming to this CD – it’s a good blend of meaningful lyrics, superb tunes, melodious music and variety in male singers.


The opening first song ‘Abolen’ is excellent for all round perfection. The next two, "Thovlem Kaliz" and "Thun Mhanon" written by ‘Kishoo Barkur’ are again well woven words. "Thovlem Kaliz" must be heard again and again to get the full depth in it. "Thun Mhanon"  I liked most. It was sung by Kevin himself live here in Muscat and in the CD it is the voice of ‘Ashwin Sequeira’ take you to a different world.



Of course the title song – ‘Thembe Thembe’ is poetic masterpiece composed by Kevin himself, probably the best example of the simple charm of the collection here.

Another one ‘Kann Kann kankna’ written by ‘Wilson Kateel’, also stands apart both in singing and composing.


‘Tichh Mathi’, and Koglecho Tallo ’, also are average good numbers in the bunch. Again ‘Pavlle’ too catches the attention of class audience for its poetic worth.


Slow version of popular ‘Kenna Kenna’ is the best in the lot for me – the poetic beauty of the song take you to a different world. May be in the faster mode, one may find it difficult to grasp the actual words.


Really it took several rounds of listening to get the depth of many other songs, perhaps some words eaten away by the music, one or two places not pronounced properly. As a whole, its entertainment value at its peak.


Among the singers Prajoth and Kevin stand apart. No doubt, others too done well.



Lone female voice need a special mention – Ms. Joshal Sweeda has done full justice in both the versions in her fast number ‘Heyo Heyo’….


Kevin’s idea to incorporate variety of singers, lyricists, grand and rich music made it universal and gave variety and sweetness to this CD.


Yes the first and the last of anything always leaves an impression, so also in ‘Thembe Thembe’ one will not forget ‘Abollem’ and ‘Kenna Kenna’ for sure!!





Kevin Misquith and his troupe performed live at our Barkur Church grounds in December 2011. Long way to go….. in the ocean of songs and music. He has proved as a good performer and we feel he needs a good organizer to market and showcase him.


‘Barkur-online Team’ too take this opportunity to wish the budding star ‘Kevin Misquith’  all the very best, the vacuum created by the absence of legendary Wilfy may be filled to a certain extent by the contribution of youngsters of Kevin’s caliber….


On behalf of Barkur-online Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association


P. Archibald Furtado, 23rd May, 2012.


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