Congratulations Alric Olivera


Alric Olivera

Son of Lavina and Sylvan Olivera, Bennekudru 

On receiving your First Holy Communion at St. Peter's Church Barkur on 14/01/2024.

Congratulations, Alric, on this special day of your First Holy Communion. May the joy of receiving Jesus into your life fill your heart with peace and love. May His presence be a guiding light, and may you continue to experience His grace in every step of your journey. May God bless you abundantly with faith, hope, and the unwavering assurance of His love.

With lots of love from, your loving Parents, Brother Ashwell Olivera,  Grand Parents Gracy and Peter Dsouza,  Grand mother Sophia Olivera, God parents Rashmin and Glen Olivera, Uncle Othane Olivera and Aunt Shaila Olivera, Cousins Ryan, Alysha, Aurel, Anora. 17/01/2024

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