Happy 50th birthday, Captain Cypry

Happy 50th birthday, Captain Rosario Cyprian Vijay Pinto

Captain Rosario Cyprian Vijay Pinto, Son of Late Cecelia and Late Fredrick Pinto, Bennekudru, Barkur, Husband of Shwetha, Father of Ciolla, Sia  and Sweenal, CStar, Barkur is celebrating his Golden Birthday today.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day. With lots of love and hugs from,

Sweenal, Sia, Ciolla, Shwetha Pinto, Barkur, Melvyn Pinto and Family, Bangalore, Captain Ronald Pinto and Family, Sasthan, Daniel Pinto and Family, Bangalore, Alwyn Pinto and Family, Bangalore, and

The Expressions Family. 03/10/2021

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