Happy 90th Birthday Severine Fernandes

90th Birthday celebration of our dear Mai 

Severine Fernandes 

at Barkur on 11/2/2024

Our beloved Mai was born on 11th February 1934, married to late Anthony Fernandes.

Dear Mom,

Happy 90th birthday! Your love, wisdom, and grace have shaped our lives in countless ways. May this milestone be filled with cherished memories, laughter, and all the joy you deserve. Here's to many more years of your remarkable presence in our lives. With all our love,from 

Children : Patrick /Brenda,  Late Cynthia/late Michael, Melwin/Diana, Dalton/Norin, Cramer/Leena, Christopher/Meera, Sharmila/Godwin,  Shalini/ William 

Grandchildren: Rohan/Vanessa, Roweena/KarlGlen/Richa,  Trina/late Darrel, Eldon/Magzina, Elrisa, Nadia/Griffin, Kenneth, Delicia/Aloysius, Daniya, Candida/Stephen,  Chrisel, Astrid, Alizah, Reuel 

Great Grandchildren: Gwen, Jayden, Ethan,  Arora,  Sachielle, Asher. 13/02/2024

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