Jerome John Fernandes



‘A superior man is slow in his words and earnest in his conduct’ – Confucius.


Year 2005, two great landmarks in the life of a man – as an employee of the Indian Post & Telegraphs Department celebrating 150 years of service to the nation and as the Director of Adarsh Youth Association Nagermutt – Pandeshwar, celebrating purposeful existence of 25 years in the service of community and youth of these twin wards of Barkur, The ‘Barkuronline team’ rightly chosen the person associated with both these organizations for almost lifetime is Shri Jerome John Fernandez, the person popularly known in the locality as Post Master, as Personality of the Month.


Born on 8th October1949, in a devout middle class family as the second son, third child of Late Evangelist and Regina Fernandez, had his early education in the Mary knoll Higher Primary School, Hosala Barkur, and High school studies in National Higher Secondary School, Barkur i.e. SSLC in 1966.


A very clever and intelligent student, always stood at the top in the class ranks, naturally had a great desire to go for professional higher studies. As we said earlier, among other things, economical conditions of an average Barkurian was not good in those days and to educate themselves in distant professional Institutions a distant dream.


Mr. Jerome was fortunate to qualify for Government Student Scholarship, only because of his excellent academic record and secured a seat for B.Sc. in the then prestigious MGM (Mahatma Gandhi Memorial) College, Udupi. Graduated in the year 1970, with flying colors, decided to give back to the Government in multifolds by joining the Postal Department very next year i.e. in 1971 at Manipal Post Office as Clerk.


One like Jerome, would have easily got remunerative assignments in any Private enterprises in Bombay… or even successfully landed in the then attractive Gulf……. even continued family business as a  Copper / Steel merchant in Ghat…. but decided to serve  the nation in the natives… that too in a orthodox Central Government Post and Telegraph Department. Now he has given best of his lifetime almost 30 – 35 years and we never heard a word of repentance from his mouth.


He is grown and promoted over the years from a simple Clerk to Sub Post Master. He has won the hearts of poor and less fortunate one’s on the one hand and commands a respectable position among the elite.


Over the passage of time Mr. Jerome actively involved in the formation, promotion and continuation of the following platforms well known in the social circles.

Ø        As a Member of Parish Council: One of the permanent members of the Council for record number of tenures.

Ø        As a Member of St. Peter’s Association Barkur: the young blood in late 60’s and early 70’s one of the active members of this organization.

Ø        In St. Vincent DePaul’s Society: A true forum to serve the needy in the parish. Jerome occupies the prestigious Treasurer’s post at the moment.

Ø        As the Director of Adarsh Youth Association: We find no proper words to express our feelings……being an inspiration to unite the youngsters in the ward Mr. Jerome John Fernandes shown us the way not by words as many does but by living a life useful to the community.


Few words about the family:

Married on 12th February 1983, with the person of his choice, an attractive hardworking lady in the neighborhood - Zita D’Souza, Jerome’s is an ideal, happy family of two children. The eldest, pretty daughter Nisha, with nightingale voice, after her B.Sc. studies from Milagres College Kallianpur, perusing her M.C.A. studies in St. Aloysius College Mangalore and Son Joylus, a talented up-coming youth, is in the Second year of B.Com. in Milagres College, Kallianpur.

It is said that ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’ and let me add it is true with vice versa too. Today his better half Mrs. Zita Fernandez, has created history in our Parish by becoming first ever Woman Gurkarn of the Nagermutt - Pandeswar ward in the year 2003. One can visibly see the supportive hand of Mr. Jerome in her fulfillment of obligations.

Though had his early life in a rare but unique joint family of modern times, highly respected in our locality even today, Jerome shouldered the responsibility to establish all his sisters in good family life.


A special observation:

A spotless character and a man of integrity Jerome never craved for recognition or fame. Though he had all the pre-requisites to be in the limelight, in the natives, where youngsters even now scared to settle down, Jerome always preferred to play the smaller roles in the Church hierarchy and contented to be so, but whatever the responsibility given, he has done full justice with sincerity and dedication.

Always helpful to the illiterate public who visit the Post Offices, we have seen him writing letters on their behalf. When many of his contemporaries canvassing and earning by way of promoting deposits or few involving in parallel money making business Mr. Jerome chosen to be 100% faithful to the profession / organization. Service with a smile, truly every time he smiles, and more when he laughs, it adds something to his fragment of life.


A Career of Thirty five long years:

Jerome started his career at the age 22 and now almost 35 years service! Yes, he started from Manipal as a simple Clerk and then transferred to Udupi Divisional Office. Barkur was fortunate to have him for few years at its main Office in Kalchapra. As a senior Clerk he served in Brahmmavar Post Office too. Here he got promoted as Sub-Master normally known as Post Master and shifted to Mandharthi, in the same position in continued EPO Udupi, Bannanje, then to Sasthan. Now he is the Sub-Post Master of Ambalpady Post Office, in Udupi.

In other words his services spread over to the whole of District. It is said God always has an angle of help for those who willing to do their duty, and Jerome humbly admits it. Soft spoken Jerome is true believer of value in life not in the place he occupies but how or the way he occupies it.

Friends, let me take this opportunity on behalf of Barkur on line to thank him for his yeoman services……….. and wish him and family all the very best in their life, Let Almighty bless him with good health to serve more in coming years…. though his retiring years from P&T approaching nearer, we expect an active social and family life of many more years, in our Barkur.


On behalf of Barkur on line Team and ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,


P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat, 23rd October, 2005.

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